Rep. Jayapal Claims Trump Wants to Rid the Country of “Folks of Color”


Hardcore leftist Pramila Jayapal told Chris Hayes on MSNBC that Trump’s ultimate goal is to get rid of people of color. The hatred this irresponsible Representative spews is beyond belief.

The leftist from the state of Washington said Trump’s ultimate goal is to make America “pure” by “not having immigrants or folks of color” in the United States.

She is a terrible congresswoman,making insane accusations and stating them as if they were factual. She’s the one who went across the border into Tijuana and helped illegal aliens come in illegally.

She isn’t only limiting her attack to President Trump. He’s doing it for his followers, she says.

Jayapal is the Democrat Party. She well represents them.



  1. I am so tired of whacky democrats and their ridiculous logic. This is the party of Hate, hypocrisy and hysteria. I will never vote for a democrat as long as I’m alive. Well maybe That Gabbard woman but not in 2020.

  2. For a member of Congress to make such a statement should be automatic dismissal. This worthless, self important bitch needs to be kicked to the curb then kicked repeatedly.

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