Rep. Jerry Nadler Terrifies the Youth at the Climate Strike


Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the House Judiciary Chairman, is a very dishonest individual. If he believes what he is saying, especially about climate change, then he is also a moron, which is not likely. What is more likely is they are seizing power, using climate change.

Screenshot, Jerrold Nadler

“We have to make sure people feel the depth and the immediacy of this crisis, which is approaching us much more rapidly and much worse than the scientists proposed twenty years ago and ten years ago,” Nadler said.

“Half measures will not do,” Nadler continued. “We are facing a crisis. If we had a world war, God forbid, the country would mobilize.”

Nadler also said the fight against climate change is “more important” than a world war, which could leave hundreds of thousands dead.

“This is more important than a world war and the country must mobilize, the world must mobilize.”

And, as the tweet below explains, he also claimed, “When the Oceans acidify, which they’re beginning to do. They will destroy the entire food chain…”

The effects of climate change will reduce the planet to “bacteria and maybe a few plants.”

Nadler is a far-left hack who hopes to see the USA controlled by one party.

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