Rep Jim Jordan Reacts to FBI Director’s Testimony [Videos]


Rep. Jim Jordan reacted to the FBI Director’s testimony Thursday, especially the fact that the FBI seems to have no intention of sharing documents requested by Congress. He is the one who took on establishment type Christopher Wray Thursday.

Is Jordan the only congressman working in the Capitol these days?

If you missed the representative’s grilling of the FBI swamp critter, listen now.



  1. The best way to get the info is to force Sammi Sessions to start an investigation into the rogue illegal conspiracy by Mueller and to round up independent FBI agents and have them execute a FORCIBLY EXECUTED search warrant under seal against all of the rogue Mueller people, including their laptops, etc., etc.
    Secret search warrants are not restricted to use just by the Mueller Nazi Crooks. A good knife has a sharpened edge on both sides.

  2. This is interesting , ………The case against former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has taken a strange turn, as U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras abruptly recused himself Thursday night with no explanation. Contreras is an Obama appointee who also sat on the FISA court while the Trump team was under surveillance by the Obama administration. ……………Why now, he presided over Flynn’s first hearing on Dec 1st

  3. I am so sick of all the hypocrisy from all these people and all of our tax dollars being wasted and the real people who should be investigated and prosecuted are sitting on their fat A*ses laughing at all the hate and discontent that they have propagated.

  4. In the entire hearing today it is obvious that Republicans didn’t coordinate any questioning. If you are really interested in getting to the details it is fruitless to have one after another asking the same line of questioning. Too much time was spent on Hillary questions which shouldn’t be the focus at this point in time. There is the concerted effort by Justice and the Democrats to stymie the Administration and charge anyone who has been associated with Trump. The greatest efforts should be made by members of Congress to investigate the evident conspiracy underway.

  5. I see there’s one report that states the text messages by Strzok detail an ongoing conspiracy by Mueller to undermine the Trump administration. This would certainly explain the reason for all the anti-Trump personnel that Mueller has hired, with all their exuberance in messaging.

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