Rep. Kelly Said Obama Stayed in D.C. to Run a Shadow Government And Then He Took It Back


Rep. Mike Kelly accused President Barack Obama of staying in D.C. solely to run a shadow government to undermine the President and the GOP agenda. He made the comments at a Republican dinner Saturday north of Pittsburgh.

NBC News reports he has since backed off with staffers saying he didn’t mean Obama was personally running the shadow government.

He shouldn’t have backed off — Democrats never do. Democrats latched onto the Putin-Trump election conspiracy theory and are sticking to it.

Rep. Kelly’s comments:

Kelly is heard on the video telling his audience that Obama remained in Washington for “one purpose only … to run the shadow government that is going to totally upset the new agenda.”

When his staff was first questioned, they said he was reacting to the frustration of the people in the room who believe Obama holdovers are damaging the current administration. He later distanced himself from the comments further but his original comments reflect what many believe.

The rioting, screeching leftists around the nation are being encouraged by Obama and his former team. Obama’s rabid desire to maintain his “legacy” is also well-known.

Few people in Kalorama call their mansions “war rooms” like the Obama team and the activity of his Organizing for America and its ties to organizations like The Indivisible Team are very public. The “conspiracy” theory that Obama is trying to undermine or oust the President is far more believable than the one that says Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump are Russian operatives.

Meanwhile,  by the end of the day Friday Rep. Kelly said he “fully supports the former president’s decision to stay in Washington while his daughter completes school.”

David Horowitz sees Barack Obama as a “dyed-in-the-wool” communist who is running a shadow government.

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6 years ago

Too many Republicans are cowards. A big part of the reason Trump won was because he stepped in and has gone toe to toe with the corrupt media.