Rep. King Wants to End the Practice of Condoning Sanctuary in Congressional Offices


Rep. Steve King wants to stop illegal immigrant protesters from taking over congressional offices. They currently have sanctuary when they do it.

“The Capitol Police, a federal law enforcement agency, do not have explicit statutory authority to enforce our immigration laws,” King said.

“Without clear authority, they are not investigating the immigration status of protesters openly claiming they are here illegally while disrupting committee proceedings and shutting down congressional offices,” the Representative wrote on his website.

Rep. King said it makes no sense to shut down sanctuary cities when congressional offices are sanctuaries for the lawless.

Illegal immigrants being allowed to protest and shut down congressional offices is not only lawless, it’s giving free rein to foreigners to affect our policies.

King has been trying to get the bill passed since 2015 and Congress hasn’t moved on it.

King’s two-page bill, Ending the Sanctuary Capitol Policy Act, would give Capitol Hill police the authority to crack down on any violation of immigration laws.

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