Rep. Lee Zeldin: No Troops Unless We Plan to Win


Rep. Zeldin appeared on Justice with Judge Jeanine last evening and addressed the recent summit on violent extremism. When asked what was accomplished he said “not much”.

“Americans were looking for the president to execute a strategy to defeat radical Islamic extremism and instead he’s lecturing Americans,” Zeldin said.

Lee Zeldin on Fox

He stressed the absurdity of a situation where Americans are desperate for leadership and a president who can first of all – identify the problem.

“We have Americans now,” he said, “who say they wish King Abdullah of Jordan was our president.”

We need to talk less about poverty and more about a strategy to defeat this threat we are facing, he said, stating what many of us see as something that should be obvious.

“We can’t defeat ISIS if we have a president who is not willing to identify exactly what the threat is that we’re up against. There is nothing to apologize for. Now is the time for him to articulate to Americans…showing leadership…showing the rest of the world…stand up with our allies to defeat an element that continues to grow.”

Zeldin is glad the president came to congress to ask for an authorization for war because he has a lot of questions about the details of the actions he plans to take.

The authorization is vague and would allow the president to do whatever is “necessary and appropriate.”

“What is necessary and appropriate to this president,” Zeldin asked. “We want to know the strategy because we don’t want to send our troops overseas if they’re not going to win.”

Rep. Zeldin said “we need a strategy”.

Pundit and author George Will already explained last August that Barack Obama “wants no victors” over radical Islamists. He also wants “no vanquished”. He prefers a draw which is how he is trying to “fight” this war.

That shocking fact came out in an interview with a New York Times reporter. The president said he doesn’t want victory.

Barack Obama can’t name the enemy because he does not and never has understood the nature of the enemy. When Barack Obama swapped five Taliban insurgents for Bowe Bergdahl, the Taliban declared “victory.” Taliban leader Mullah Omar congratulated “the entire Afghan Muslim” nation over the deal. Mr. Obama didn’t understand what his actions accomplished then and he doesn’t now.

Mr. Obama is so determined to make certain the United States can never claim victory again that he will let ISIS win. ISIS only knows victory and they will not cooperate in a compromise.

Obama wants to push ISIS back and as George Will says, “Back to where?”

Non-partisan think tanks and our CIA have warned that a third of the ISIS army hold Western passports. They are being trained to come back to the United States and Europe to destroy, maim and kill.


Rep. Zeldin is a serious and trustworthy leader. We need more Lee Zeldins.

Appearing before Congress recently, Zeldin said he wants to be sure the president will do everything to win.

It’s a great question. I think the answer is no.

The war authorization is nothing but cover and it’s meant to codify his ambivalent war.

Watch Rep. Zeldin stress the fact that we need a strategy. He read a moving letter from the father of a soldier during his address.

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