Rep. Lee Zeldin slams Adam Schiff who thinks Americans are “idiots”


Rep. Lee Zeldin said on Sunday that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is treating the American public like “idiots” by relying on hearsay and circumstantial evidence to impeach President Trump.

“The people who are pushing for impeachment have been pushing for impeachment since Donald Trump was elected — since he was getting sworn into office,” Zeldin told Fox News’ Eric Shawn.

“Adam Schiff really does think that many Americans are idiots,” he said.


Schiff talks about all the evidence he has but never produces any.

“If you remember March 22nd, 2017, he goes on another network, and he says that he has more than circumstantial evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russians. This is evidence that he hasn’t yet produced, [that] I haven’t seen, [former Special Counsel Robert] Mueller couldn’t find,” Zeldin continued. “He made up what he called a parody version of the [July 25] call transcript, but he only said that after he got called out.”


“He’s made claims during his opening statements and his closing statements — trying to write the world’s greatest parody… trying to connect dots that aren’t actually connected,” Zeldin added.

“He’ll say something’s a firsthand truth that shouldn’t be doubted and then you dig deeper, and you realize it’s actually Ambassador [William] Taylor telling us that Tim Morrison told him that [Amb. Gordon] Sondland told Morrison — the president told Sondland, give me a break… The facts are on the president’s side.”

Schiff and the rest of the Democrats aren’t working on anything except stopping the President from working.

Rep. Zeldin also said Congress should be passing the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, “but instead, he is trying to pay off the people who put the gavel in his hand.”

Schiff said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he has an “ironclad” case against the president.

You have to listen to the clip. Rep. Zeldin hits every lying talking point and is at his best here.

Watch This:


The good news is Adam Schiff is going to endlessly investigate the President. Even after he writes the impeachment report, which is scheduled for after Thanksgiving.

Schiff told CNN there would be more impeachment hearings.

This insane obsession will help re-elect President Trump. Most Americans will see this for what it is and see the unfairness.

Democrats don’t have a case since they haven’t moved on to impeachment yet.

“Democratic U.S. lawmakers have begun the next step in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump — writing a report on their findings — but still could take more testimony and hold additional hearings, the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee said on Sunday, Reuters reported.

This is abuse. Keep it up, Democrats. At some point, Americans will rebel, hopefully at the ballot box.

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