Rep. Lee Zeldin Torches Hillary’s Cheap Shot in One Tweet


Hillary Clinton is still trying to be relevant. She demeans President Trump every chance she gets, especially now as he meets with Russian President Putin and the mid-terms are approaching. Her entire Twitter feed is anti-Trump.

She took an innocent and appropriate compliment about the World Cup made by Trump this morning to Putin and took the cheap shot.

She tweeted: “Great World Cup. Question for President Trump as he meets Putin: Do you know which team you play for?”

Does she? That might be the better question.
Representative Zeldin torched her with his tweet

“So don’t sell them another 20% of US Uranium?’, he tweeted.


Hillary trashed the President and Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the American Federation of Teachers’ Women’s Rights Conference this past weekend. Her comments focused on identity politics, lies, and fear mongering. She’s evil.

Listen to her fit all the hate into 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The biggest lie is her referring to having a heart.

  • That is really rich coming from one who while she and her husband were living in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion had slaves (black inmates) staffed the mansion with young Black men aka prison inmates aka slaves only to go on to the White House where they signed a crime bill that resulted in the historical mass incarceration of Black men breaking up the Black family.

    Both had very much to do with contracting out prison labor aka slavery which happens to be a direct link back to the slavery of Blacks nourished by who else?

    Democrats! The party of slavery, Jim Crow, Dred Scott, the KKK, 21st century lynching, the war on men and boys. The party who brought us the first half-breed president, one whom set not only Black Americans back several decades but the nation as a whole.

    What is more bigoted than the need by real racists on the planet to check off every label on their list? Time to pop this crooked, lying cow’s bubble.

    • I didn’t know those two did that with prisoners..ugh. I guess it was fashionable for them to be racists then. Now she’s the epitome of virtue…signaling.