Rep. Mark Meadows will NOT seek re-election but…


Rep. Mark Meadows will not seek re-election after the end of his term. He confirmed this in a statement on Thursday.

The North Carolina Republican will retire.

“This was a decision I struggled with greatly. These last 8 years, I have been so blessed to serve the people of NC-11 and help give a voice to millions of Americans who feel Washington DC has forgotten them, he said in a statement.

That is horrible news for conservatives. He’s a great fighter for truth, justice, and fairness. Rep. Meadows is a strong Trump ally.

In the good news department, he might leave sooner for a job with the President.


Meadows told Jake Sherman for Politico in an interview Wednesday, “Endorsed term limits — never ran on a term-limit pledge. Every year it’s a decision whether you’re going to run again. Probably the hardest thing for me was the timing of this, because the president has accomplished so much. I’m not only an ally, but will continue to be an ally. And we’ve had discussions on how we can work more closely together in the future and I felt like filing and then potentially resigning at some point in the future would not serve my constituents in North Carolina best.”

The filing date is Friday and he has not filed and will not file.

Meadows told Sherman he does not have a specific job with Trump locked down, but signaled he might try to work for his re-election campaign or in the administration.

About serving out his term, he said, “At this point, I plan to serve the people of western North Carolina until it’s decided that I can best serve the president and the American people in a different capacity. And so while there’s no immediate plans, there’s certainly discussions that have occurred and potentially could occur in the future.”

“The hardest decision for me is that when you’re in the fight, you enjoy staying in the fight,” Meadows said. “So this is not me shrinking away from a fight. In fact, it’s just going to be continuing to fight a different capacity, whether that’s officially as part of the Trump team or unofficially in my capacity as a sitting member of Congress.”

Jared Kushner called him a “warrior” and that he is.

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