Rep. McCarthy Calls Out “Socialist New Democrat Party” Before ICE Resolution


“And for those who gave their lives for us—I will stand with them. Even when it means standing against the new Socialist Democratic Party.” ~ Rep. McCarthy

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke up for ICE today but his words fell on 35 deaf ears, one of them a Republican. While the Sentinel is no fan of big government, we are a bigger fan of ICE as they try to keep international criminals at bay and collect some of the people here illegally.

The fringe element of the Democrat Party wants to abolish ICE. The rest of the Democrats want to remake ICE so the agents do not capture or deport people here illegally. The new Democrat Socialist Party is the party of open borders, and they protect drug cartels, and sex traffickers.

Chairman Mark Pocan and members Pramila Jayapal and Adriano Espaillat, all Democrats, introduced a bill to abolish ICE last week but the Republicans called them on their bluff and proposed putting it on the floor for a vote. Today’s vote was a resolution to support ICE.


McCarthy said, “As it turns out, ICE agents are on the frontlines in the battle against crime. In 2016, they arrested nearly 2,000 human traffickers—criminals who are involved in modern-day slavery. Democrats wanted to abolish that.”

“They wanted the glory of introducing a far-left bill—but they didn’t have the guts to accept the consequences,” McCarthy said. “That’s the kind of leadership the Democrats have to offer.”

“And Mr. Speaker, I admit I’m confused listening to the Democratic leadership,” McCarthy said before attacking House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for telling members to vote “whatever” on the legislation.

“Mr. Speaker, I’m confused. I understand there’s this growing socialist movement in the Democratic Party. But when does this socialist, new Democratic Party believe we should have no borders? I guess they do today,” McCarthy said.


The House Resolution in support of ICE was co-sponsored by Reps. Higgins and Clay and voted on today.

The majority of House Democrats — 133 — voted “present,” 18 Democrats voted in favor of the bill and 34 members of the Progressive Caucus voted against it. One Republican, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, voted with Democrats against the bill.

Amish is a Libertarian and represents the Mennonite community.

The 133 who didn’t commit have no use for ICE but they don’t want to be on the record. Instead, they claim they want to “reimagine” ICE into an organization that does not catch and deport illegal aliens.

Just five of the Democratic “aye” votes came from Democrats who don’t really identify as conservatives but sometimes break with their left: Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.), Rep. Al Lawson (D-Fla.), Rep. Stephen F. Lynch (D-Mass.), Rep. Thomas Suozzi (D-N.Y.), and Rep. Peter J. Visclosky (D-Ind.). None is seen as endangered in November.

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