Rep. McCarthy Infuriated After Google Labels Cali GOP as Nazis

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) posted a screenshot of Google’s search engine tying the California Republican Party to “Nazism.”

The summary correctly described other aspects of the state party, like its founding, leadership, and headquarters. But the insertion of Nazism into its ideology was outrageous.

“This is a disgrace,” McCarthy wrote on Twitter.

Nazism? Nazis are Socialists. No Republican is a Socialist. Democrats are Socialists and they are the control freaks who want to destroy our Bill of Rights. Democrats are Communists also.

Google lists the ideology of California Republicans as Nazism when they are the Nazis.

McCarthy said he will not stand for Conservatives being silenced. Something really has to be done. These mega-leftist corporations have way too much power.



  1. I will not be tricked by anything that allows McCarthy to pretend to be a victim and gains him sympathy. He is a liberal, supports left wing budgets, left wing immigration policies, … conservatives cannot allow themselves to be distracted.

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