Rep. Meadows’ Amazing Stand Against Boehner for the Republic


Rep Meadows

Rep. Meadows (R-NC)

Rep. Meadows told Mark Levin “If my voting card is really only allowed to vote the way the leadership tells me…if I don’t vote that way, I get punished or I fail to get a vote heard, then it’s only the illusion of a democracy.” He also asked “why bother to go to Washington”.

It’s not a “democracy” if we’re letting 3 or 4 people make all the decisions.

He knows he’s going to get punished but “it’s nothing compared to the sacrifices the Founding Fathers made.”

Rep. Meadows said they have “1308 pages of rules” but he hasn’t seen “one time we passed a bill that followed those rules”.

“We either suspend the rules, change the rules, make up our own rules, they break the rules..,” Rep. Meadows said.

Boehner crying

Speaker John Boehner

There is no full debate among members and voices from the people and the various states are not being heard. Meadows hopes the American people speak up and tell their representatives to support him. Meanwhile, he will wait for his punishment. This could be his political death warrant.

Meadows received 62% of the vote in his last election. Hopefully, the people will come out for him now.

When you get to D.C., it’s all about conforming to what’s going on in D.C., not what’s going on back home.

One thing he said was particularly touching. He discussed the issue with his son who told him that as long as it’s what he believes and the people he represent believe, it’s the right thing to do.

Levin asked what would be so terrible about getting a new Speaker.

Meadows said the leadership is probably calling the members tonight to get this defeated by tomorrow. Levin said they’re also calling Politico and other left-wing publications to launch an attack against Meadows.

Congress isn’t producing and Meadows went to Washington to do what the people want, Levin said. He told Meadows it’s important that he put down his marker.

Meadows said it won’t come without retribution but he can’t continue to pretend there isn’t something drastically wrong with the system. “There is something inherently wrong with our leadership,” he added.

“This is about the future of our country and whether we have a representative form of government,” Meadows said.

Last month, Rep. Meadows was punished for not voting the way he was ordered to vote, but the decision was reversed when some in Congress expressed outrage.

“There is a culture of fear and retribution that is prevalent here on Capitol Hill. It encourages people to vote certain ways, it encourages people not to speak out,” Meadows said in an interview with Roll Call at the time.

The change had nothing to do with Rep. Meadow’s performance. It was because of his vote against the procedural rule on trade.

Mark Levin strongly recommended that people contacted their representatives and encourage them to support Meadows.

We have a dictatorial leadership in both houses of Congress and we can’t blame this on Democrats. Undoubtedly, Boehner has a difficult job keeping all these members together given the range of opinion but the American people didn’t vote for a political Mafia.

When Meadows was punished in June, Jordan went on to Laura Ingraham’s show and asked, “What is going on here?”

Ingraham responded by saying, “They want to enforce the rules, they want to enforce their rules. You will not challenge us, you will not have a different view on these issues and if you choose to go with the likes of Jim Jordan, you will be severely punished.”

“You will become the lowest of the low in the U.S. Congress,” she added. “This is what the mafia does. You know, I’m sorry, but this is a political mafia run up on Capitol Hill, that’s the way I see it. I don’t see this as a Republican Party that represents people like me and if they distance themselves from people like me, then, I don’t see how you’re going to build a constituency as you said to win the presidency. I don’t get it.”


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