Rep Meadows expects CRIMINAL REFERRALS from the IG report


North Carolina Representative Mark Meadows told Maria Bartiromo that he fully expects to see criminal referrals coming from the Inspector General, similar to the ones they have forwarded.

Reps. Meadows and Jim Jordan of Ohio just met with Inspector General Michael Horowitz and are very confident he is doing the job.

“We’re fully anticipating that the [inspector general’s] report will come out as Attorney General Barr said in the next four to six weeks, and I think it’s highly likely that we’ll see criminal referrals coming from them that will correspond with what Chairman [Devin] Nunes has already put forth,” Meadows said.

The report is due in late May or early June.

The only problem we see is we have yet to see anything happen with these referrals. Andrew McCabe is still doing TV interviews.

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