Rep Nunes Says DoJ Blocking Investigation, Knew About Funding of Dossier


Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, appeared on a new Fox News show, ‘The Ingraham Angle’ Monday evening to talk about the investigation of the Clinton campaign and possible Russia collusion. Most notably the basis of the congressional probe is the dossier. Trying to get the information about the dossier has been met with Deep State (bureaucracy) resistance.

The government won’t comply with subpoenas and they are lying.

The FBI has claimed they don’t know who funded the dossier. Nunes said “there is no possible way” the FBI doesn’t know who paid for the dossier.

We know from legal records it was funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign. It also appears that the FBI paid for the travel and other expenses for the author of the dossier Christopher Steele after the election.

The Chairman believes Obama had to have known about the $10 million dossier. The former president had been briefed and the best intelligence agencies had to know who paid for the dossier which relied on the Russians for the ‘research’.

Rep. Nunes said he was attacked viciously from the left to intimidate him into silence which which began when he looked at documents in the White House referencing Trump officials being unmasked. Some ended up illegally in the media.

Nunes said he might bring people back to testify like Susan Rice and Samantha Powers “or the DoJ could do their job and begin to investigate this,” he said. Laura Ingraham said she didn’t think Robert Mueller was going to do that. What about Sessions?

Even though Sessions recused himself, that does not prevent him from pushing for an investigation of leaks and corrupt Democrat deals.

In the video, Nunes and Ingraham discuss the attacks by Democrat partisan Adam Schiff who is claiming Nunes “has created serious obstacles in the Russia Trump probe”. Schiff’s complaint is based on his partisan belief that the only investigation is the Russia Trump investigation.

“We continue the hard work of getting to the bottom of what happened. We faced very serious obstacles and many of them go back to our chairman, who, I think all too often, has been willing to further the work and the viewpoint of the White House, irrespective of what we are finding in the investigation. That’s unhelpful,” ‘pencil neck’ Schiff told ABC “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos.

Who you believe depends on partisan beliefs or just plain common sense.

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