Rep. Omar wants taxpayers to buy every American a house


The Constitution apparently now guarantees life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and homes for everyone. At least, that’s what the squad sees for the future of the United States. All these freebies while we owe more than $22 million nationally with similar debt-ridden situations in many other states.

Omar and her three hard-left squad members are planning legislation that will require the “government” to “invest” federal tax dollars in a home for all so everyone can live with “dignity.”

The “government” is anyone who pays taxes obviously, and the ‘investment’ is a redistribution of wealth from the productive to the non-productive.


At the D.C. “Women of Color Lead the Way” conference, a woman asked Omar, “Will you commit to building millions of social housing units and reinvesting in public housing so that everyone can live with dignity?”

“You know, I tell the story often about when I first came to America and how completely distraught I was to see homeless people sleeping on the side of the streets. Because I never imagined that I would come – leave a refugee camp, come to the United States – and the first thing I would see would be homeless people,” she said.

“And so it is a moral stain on our country that we have half a million or more people facing homelessness and that we have millions of people who are living with the stress, the worry of being evicted because they may not be able to pay for rent,” Omar continued.

Omar hopes her proposal will “guarantee a home for everyone by investing federal dollars in the creation of millions of homes.”

“My legislation will hopefully also repeal the cap that is in place to building public housing and make sure that we are able to create more public housing,” she added. [She has obviously never seen what a disaster public housing often is]

“I also have legislation that is to help the 17 million people who live in mobile homes, who every single year risk losing their home to make sure they have a first right to buying the land where their mobile home is on so that they are not going to end up being homeless.”

Rep. Omar of Minnesota said her “sister in service,” New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced this to Congress.

“So I am really excited about the legislation that my sister in service has introduced, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. And we collectively in the Progressive Caucus, mainly The Squad — plus few — are going to be rolling out a Homes for All package, each one of us,” she said, referring to the squad of leftists which also includes Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Omar promised that the legislation would “deal with many of the systematic problems that we have in our housing, that we have in our policies that lead to abusive landlords, many of the problems that we have that is associated with incarceration and our public housing policies.”


Leftist [we’re not talking liberal] policies don’t work and this is more of the same. Housing giveaways will not be funded long because the American taxpayer won’t work hard to give all their money to others, many of whom would be deadbeats.

How will the hard-left squad pay for this? We’d like to see the budget for it.

We just posted articles about the programs for the homeless situation in California. In San Jose, for one example, out of the $14 million set aside for the homeless, $12 million was spent on administrative costs, rental subsidies, and planning. The homeless got $2 million.

In LA, billions allocated for the homeless aren’t spent on them because they need it for debt. That is being contested.

Then we have the case of the $1.2 billion for homes for the homeless. In three years, zero homes have been built.

Bureaucratic incompetence often creates these disasters and the squad wants more big government. The enormous big government, wealth redistribution, and giveaway programs they promote are hard-left, unworkable, and will destroy the country. That is an opinion, but it’s common sense.

American values have never required Americans to provide dignity and homes for everyone. America has been defined by freedom, self-sufficiency, and the right to have the same opportunities as everyone else, not the same outcomes.

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