Rep Raskin wants to prosecute Trump after he leaves office


During an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Rep. Jamie Raskin gleefully announced that the President committed “multiple crimes,” and could be prosecuted after he leaves office.

The hatred runs so deep among these leftists that they are already looking into what they can do to the President until the day he dies.

Host Blitzer asked Raskin, “What I hear you saying is there was no actual crime committed by this president?”

“Well, no, there was, perhaps multiple crimes committed by this president,” Raskin said. “Bill Clinton had not been prosecuted or indicted for perjury. They just pled the elements of perjury in the article of impeachment. We’ve pled within our impeachment and in the accompanying report lots of factual evidence that could lead to prosecution of the president later. But, you know, they seem to want to have it both ways. You can never prosecute the president, you can’t indict the president while he’s in office, but you can’t impeach him either, because you haven’t prosecuted or indicted him yet. I think everybody will see the phoniness of that argument.”

He thinks he can invent crimes that are not “statutory crimes.”

It’s all gibberish from a very unpleasant and unfair representative.

Raskin has a history of this sort of thing. In May, he strategized on-air with MSNBC on how to discredit Bill Barr.

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Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
3 years ago

They got a sealed indictment in the presidents name after his term is up and also in the SDNY. We should really elect another republican president in 2024 also a republican governor of NY. It shouldn’t be that hard to do if we stop cheating by democrats in the big cities.

3 years ago

Oh he has multiple legal problems waiting for him as soon as he loses the election next year.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

These people are mentally disturbed.