Rep. Says “No Question” of a Spy Collecting Information on Trump Campaign


Rep. Mark Meadows said on Face the Nation there’s “no question” there was a spy collecting information about the Trump campaign in 2016.

“There is no question that there was a spy that was collecting information and the definition of somebody who does something in secret without the knowledge of another person…” Rep. Meadows said.

“Well, I mean, what we do know is — is that there was indeed a confidential human source, is — is what the FBI would call it, that was actually giving intel, not only to the FBI, but you have to ask the question, when did it start? We do know that actually those confidential human sources were engaging prior to the official FBI investigation. So the question begs, at whose direction, you know, who — what were they collecting and who were they reporting to, because that was happening before the FBI actually opened an investigation.”

James Brennan framed the source as an informant. One must wonder what he would say if it was done to Hillary. Why didn’t the Obama administration spy on her to protect her?

Rep. Meadows was having none of it.

“Well, but an informant is someone who — if — if they had information on you and went to the FBI and said, you know, listen, we have this wrongdoing, we’re giving you some information, where it was not directed or where the initiation of it was not from the informant.”

“We — we know that actually they initiated the contact between members of the Trump campaign and at whose direction. And — and at what point do we as Americans say, it is not right to spy on a campaign? Whether it’s Donald Trump’s or Bernie Sanders,’ it’s not right.”

Stefan Halper has been described as a spy but he acted peripherally, not as an embed. That is how they get around it.


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