Rep. Speier Believes Fairfax Accuser without Due Process or Proof


Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier said she has no reason to doubt Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax’s accuser Vanessa Tyson, on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday. She hasn’t seen proof nor has Fairfax had an opportunity to present his side of it.

Speier even mentions that The Washington Post didn’t go with Ms. Tyson’s story, the first accuser, because they couldn’t corroborate it. What doesn’t Speier get? If there is no corroboration, you believe neither party until there is evidence.

“There’s very little that I have seen. But from what she has said, I have no reason to doubt her,” Speier said. “She tried to go to The Washington Post. They did not go with the story, because they had a problem being able to corroborate it. But like Christine Blasey Ford, I mean she had documentation. … She had friends who corroborated her story.”

She even admits she has seen little but accepts the women’s accounts out of hand.

Also in the case of Kavanaugh, they would not let him face his accuser. Christine Blasey-Ford could say anything she wanted, and, yes, some women would lie about this as was proven by all the women who did complain about Kavanaugh and turned out to be liars.


“At some point, we’ve got to learn that women do not come forward unless they have truly been assaulted because coming forward is yet another assault emotionally on an individual,” the California lawmaker said.

How can she be a lawmaker and make a statement like that?

Co-host John Berman asked if Tyson deserves the same recognition as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Ford and Speier said she absolutely does. She also claimed the majority of female accusers who come forward are telling the truth.

“I do. I think that we have got to get to the point in this country where we appreciate that only a very small percentage of persons who are sexually assaulted come forward. And the reason they don’t come forward is because they are trashed in the media and it is incumbent on us to believe the women,” she replied.

“Ninety-two to 97 percent of those who come forward are telling the truth,” she said.

We would like to know where she gets her percentages, but even if it’s true, that means 3 to 8 percent are lying, which is why we need due process and the alleged victim must face the accuser.

Ford had no such corroboration

Speier claimed in the Kavanaugh case, Dr. Blasey-Ford had corroboration and doctors’ notes. Ford had nothing of the kind. Blasey had one brief doctor’s note without names that didn’t match up to her story. The corroboration were people Ford told recently, and Kavanaugh’s name was only very recently mentioned. It was not contemporaneous either.

Fairfax’s second accuser has contemporaneous evidence and appears to have a case to present, but in no way should Fairfax be convicted without due process and a lawful review of the claims for him to rebut.

The first accuser is a he-said, she-said.

Democrats want these women believed automatically without any legal process. Thank you, Democrats, you will destroy the rule of law in every way that you can.

Blasey Ford lied her fool head off during testimony and the media’s reponse, including Chris Wallace at Fox News, praised her performance, calling her very “credible.”

We must preserve due process.


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