Rep. Speier Wants the CIA to Apologize for Depriving Murderous Terrorists of Sleep



After throwing the good men and women of the CIA who serve and protect us under the bus, the Democrats now want them to apologize at a time when we are so precariously positioned in the world.

Jackie Speier is leading the charge and wants the CIA to apologize to the murderous terrorists who plotted 9/11 and the consequent murder of almost 3,000 Americans.

The Democrats, desperate to crush the opposition, have taken an old report, rewritten it and are now regurgitating it, putting our overseas diplomats and military in danger.

Democrats apparently don’t care.

Jackie Speier claims to be shocked by this old news that we have heard many times before. She was particularly upset by the “anal hydration” technique which, by all CIA reports, never happened. Jose Rodriguez Jr., the former CIA head who oversaw the program, doesn’t know where the Democrats got it. He thinks it might have been a medical procedure – an enema – that was ordered for medical reasons by a doctor.

The report was written without one CIA employee being interviewed and it’s nothing more than a partisan assault. The Senate Democrats knew of the techniques. In fact, the public knew.

Listen to this Progressive, Rep. Speier:

Speier has a history. She wants the blockade lifted in Gaza. She was a member of the host committee to the Leading with Love event to celebrate 5 years of the Marxist led National Domestic Workers Alliance in Washington DC, DC, November 14, 2012. She supports all and only far-left causes and is thought by many to be a Marxist.

She is no supporter of the military and likes to talk about them as rapists.


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