Rep. Stefanik rips “misogynist” George Conway for smearing her


George Conway, the foul husband of the lovely Kellyanne, tweeted that Rep. Elise Stefanik is “lying trash” over her comments about Adam Schiff not giving her adequate opportunities to speak. He’s also championing her far-left opponent as he pretends he’s a Republican.

Instead of just disagreeing, he decided to call her “lying trash,” a point Brit Hume made. In response to Brit Hume, Conway tweeted a disgusting doctored photo of Rep. Stefanik, making it look as if she was flipping the bird.

Stefanik ripped Conway in a tweet, writing: “the one thing I’ve NEVER been called in my life is TRASH,” adding: “You need serious help. My opponent Taxin’ Tedra [Cobb] can have your sick mysogynist [sic] support.”

As he expressed his concern over a misspelled word, the petty little man smeared her with a vulgar photo. One would think he’d see how terrible he looks to the average person. You just can’t make this stuff up. He’s a lowlife.

This is why his wife is more successful than he is. While he is out smearing a woman, she’s helping the President bring the United States back to the rule of law.

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