Rep. Steve King Stated the Obvious – Barack Obama Is Pushing the United States Towards Ideology of Karl Marx


Rep. Steve King stated the obvious on Glenn Beck’s radio show Wednesday – Obama is pushing us towards the ideology of Karl Marx. He didn’t say communism but Karl Marx is synonymous with communism.

Mr. Obama has no “sense of duty to the constitution” and is pushing our country towards the ideology of Karl Marx, Rep. King said.

King believes that our country has been too apathetic to it and people have readily capitulated.

It appears to have taken him by surprise but the media is complicit and people are being hammered with lies every day.

Barack Obama doesn’t do what is right nor does he listen to the people, King said.

“And his calculation is not what’s true and just and right or even good for America, it’s how he can exploit his power base and move our country to the left towards the ideology of Karl Marx, how far he can go and get away with it,” King said on The Glenn Beck Program.

“There’s no conscience involved in this, no sense of duty to the Constitution or his oath to it,” he said. “He has kicked that completely sideways.” King’s remarks came as he criticized Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

“The president has contempt for Congress, he ignores Congress,” he said.

King is not convinced Barack Obama will obey the Supreme Court decisions on key issues. He warned that Obama has contempt for congress but hasn’t yet in a clear way defied the courts. If he defies the courts on immigration or Obamacare, who knows how the country will respond. It moves him into emperor status. There’s no conscience to this or his oath to it.

“Right now, they respect people in black robes and they think they know something the rest of us don’t,” he continued.

“If the president defies that, we shall see – but it moves him into emperor status if he can get away with it.”

Every amendment has been under attack, from free speech to bearing arms, to privacy rights and so on.

Obama is a communist in pursuit of a communist America where the elite rule. He sees the United States as a cog in the global community. Individualism has no place in a communist America. Once lost, we will never regain our Republic. We are being destroyed from within.

Upon our remains will be built a society where power rests with the few who are answerable to no one but themselves.

We will soon be under the jackboot of totalitarians. Right now, there is no pushback.

Listen to Rep. King who has the courage to tell the truth:

Barack Obama is not a normal president and this is not a normal presidency. He is not a Democrat or a leftist radical. Barack Obama is a revolutionary. Rep. King didn’t say that but others like Monica Crowley have in the video below.

When Barack Obama said he was fundamentally transforming the United States, he meant he would make us into a totalitarian nation. Al Sharpton said at the time, The American people knew they were voting for socialism when they elected Barack Obama.

Socialism for Obama is synonymous to communism with a small “c”.

Karl Marx was a communist. Some think of him as a socialist, but even if that were true, as Vladimir Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism.” While few would voluntarily throw themselves under the boot of communist tyranny, socialism provides a mechanism for establishing communism under a more benign “common good” facade, temporarily.

Rep. King didn’t use the “C” word because the far-left has managed to convince people that anyone referring to it is an extremist, a conspiracy nut, or a dangerous anti-government right-winger.

They have convinced people of this despite the fact that Barack Obama was raised steeped in communism and chose communist and Marxist allies throughout his adult life. He honed his skills in the swamp of Chicago politics and from the leftism of ACORN and the thugs in SEIU. He studied and taught Alinsky who thought deceit was a technique to be valued.

The leftists have succeeded despite the fact that Obama has ignored the Congress, continually rewrites legislation – a power reserved for congress. At times he orchestrates legislation to subtly defy the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States.

As former mayor Rudy Giuliani said in February, Obama has had “communist” influences since an early age.

“He doesn’t talk about America the way John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan did, about America’s greatness and exceptionalism,” Giuliani said in an interview with The New York Post published. “He was educated by people who were critics of the U.S. And he has not been able to overcome those influences.”

Obama’s love for the United States should be “doubted” he said.

Giuliani was harshly criticized and even demonized for his comments but the left knows he’s right, they just don’t want the “stupid” Americans to feel free to vocalize it.

We are being manipulated.

Obama’s redistributive agenda is straight out of Karl Marx. His propaganda and lies would make Putin proud.

The president is attempting to nationalize every pillar of society. His agendas are all extreme, whether it be climate change, redefining marriage, redefining our American values, building a vast entitlement state, reducing the military to indefensible levels, ignoring the genocide of Christians, endangering our allies abroad, especially Israel, or befriending dangerous enemies who want to destroy us.

Review the communist goals here and compare them to Barack Obama’s.

Listen to Monica Crowley’s riveting speech on Obama’s destruction of all pillars of American society. She said we are in a relentless war with the left against America, the constitution, the free market and American values. The left never rests. We are battling the spirit of leftism which is the spirit of control. They dress up their ideology of control but it is control. The elites and their unelected bureaucratic toadies in government agencies, such as the IRS, are now able to destroy Americans who dissent.

Barack Obama has undermined the pillars of capitalism: industrial, financial, healthcare, and energy. Undermining US capitalism undermines capitalism worldwide.

Monica Crowley from DHFC on Vimeo.



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