Rep. Steve Scalise, Five People Shot in Virginia, It Was a Near Massacre


One of the most powerful men in Washington was shot at about 7:15 a.m. in Alexandria, Virginia by a Bernie Sanders’ supporter who vowed on his Facebook page to get Trump.

Steve Scalise was hit in the hip, is in stable condition and is expected to survive. The House Majority Whip has been in surgery since 9:05 a.m.

A staffer, two officers and the shooter were shot. It has just been announced that the shooter has died, saving us all a trial.

The shooter is James T. Hodgkinson, a 66-year old from Illinois. He is also a Bernie Sanders supporter and a unionist who wrote on Facebook,  ‘Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.’


A James T. Hodgkinson was charged with battery and aiding damage to a vehicle in April 2006 in St. Clair County, Illinois, the Washington Post reports.

It was a near-massacre and 50 to 100 shots were fired, according to several congressmen on site.

Rand Paul said he heard at least 50 to 60 shots and believes the gunman used a high-powered rifle and a pistol. Mo Brooks said it was a 100 shots.

Rand Paul said if the Capital police weren’t there, it would have been a massacre. Scalise is one of the few members of congress who travels with Capital Hill police because of his high-level position.

The field was like a “killing field” because it’s wide-open, Rand Paul said.

Five people, including the shooter, had been medivacked to the hospital according to the police chief.

Reporter Ron DeSantis said he was asked by the shooter, if they were Democrats or Republicans. The shooter asked who these guys were. Shortly after that the shooting began.

Early reports quote the gunman as screaming, “Kill as many Republicans as possible.” We have not verified that.

It is believed one of the two wounded Capital Hill officers, a woman, has a wound to her foot. Both officers are in good condition. The woman is said to have taken the shooter down after she was shot.

The local police reported that they were on the scene in three minutes and joined the two Capital Hill police.

The shooter was spotted behind third base as Republicans gathered for practice in preparation for a congressional baseball game with Democrats. Only Republicans were present.

Scalise dragged himself about 15 feet off the field after being shot, trying to save himself. The shooting went on for at least 10 minutes according to Rep. Flake.

Rep. Flake called Scalise’s wife right away so she wouldn’t hear it on a news report.

Flake also put pressure on Scalise’s wound with Rep. Brad Wenstrup when they were able to get to him. That was after the police put the shooter down. Wenstrup, a surgeon in the Army reserves who served in Iraq, said it was like being back in Iraq.

Wenstrup said the shooter was an active shooter who went from one base to another, hiding at times. At one point, he came out from the dugout with a pistol after he unloaded his rifle. Wenstrup described Scalise as very brave.

The Alexandria police chief gave a presser at 9 a.m. EST.

A witness in an apartment building across the street watched from his patio. He could smell the gunshot. People were running off the street, from the field, and hiding in buildings. Children on the street and people walking dogs were terrified.

Mo Brooks saw the shooter at third base with a rifle. He said he noticed Scalise was shot at second base . “My adrenaline was raging”, Brooks said. Without a gun, he said he felt very “helpless”.

The FBI is leading the investigation

This baseball practice is common, is well-known and there is usually no protection.

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6 years ago

Rep Ryan was speaking on the House floor and received a standing ovation from both sides of the aisle after saying an attack on one is an attack on all. Well that sounds good and the response is good, BUT, only when these Democrats come out and firmly speak against the hateful rhetoric by THEIR followers. When Democrats go on and on about how Republicans “want people to die” they are complicit in these acts.

Unfortunately I’m cynical because the current comity by those speaking in the House has generally lasted for only a short time. Until these people Admit by their rhetoric is the cause of such actions then their words will become moot.

I listened earlier to Rep Martha McSally and she implored the people to come together. She didn’t want to make it political but she came as close as possible otherwise.

We will see from this point on whether or not these “concerned” people will hold true to their words and make a concerted effort to counter the escalated rhetoric by those on their side, whether people in entertainment Or those in the media. When media commentators actually support a Trumpesque Shakespeare play And other violent acts portrayed the entire nation should condemn those same people.

6 years ago

Since this “Democrat” was part of a Facebook group called “Terminate the Republican Party” and that group has over 6000 likes and nearly that many followers the FBI should determine who EACH and everyone of those are and investigate them. This is NO different than an ISIS cell.

I wonder if there’s a way to correlate these social media posts AND whether or not they own a gun.

6 years ago

Gee….I wonder where he got the motive to go on a shooting spree?? it couldn’t be the lefts hate for trump and the GOP or could it? the tweets coming out about this are unreal!!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago

According to TMZ he hates Trump and is a Bernie Fan.

I think we ALL expected Something like this would happen.