Rep. Steve Stockman Does an End Run Around the IRS



Rep. Stockman of Texas asked the National Security Agency for all the metadeta on Lois Lerner’s emails during the time period the IRS said the Lerner emails were accidentally erased due to a faux computer glitch. He asked within hours of the House being told about the “glitch”.

Now that’s cool!

Let’s see if the data they collect has any value.

“I have asked NSA Director Rogers to send me all metadata his agency has collected on Lois Lerner’s email accounts for the period which the House sought records, Stockman said in a press release. “The metadata will establish who Lerner contacted and when, which helps investigators determine the extent of illegal activity by the IRS.”

“The claim incriminating communications were erased by a glitch conjures memories of Rose Mary Woods,” the congressman added. “Barack Obama has brought us Jimmy Carter’s economy and Richard Nixon’s excuses.”

Congress requested all emails sent from Lerner to and from other IRS employees from 2009 to April 2011. The IRS had been saying all along that they were archived. After promising to forward them, the IRS is now claiming they were lost.

Darrel Issa wants to know why they are playing these games if they have nothing to hide.

The Blaze talked to a computer expert and he listed six reasons why this isn’t possible. Read about that on this link. There is a possibility that all the IT people are incredibly incompetent and then it could have happened.



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