Rep. to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Claiming Trump’s a Racist

Rep. Al Green

House Democrats will soon see another floor vote on impeaching President Trump. It is the first since they took control of the chamber.

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) announced this past week that he will call for a third vote on impeachment that might divide Democrats. They all want the same thing but differ on how to get there.

Hard-left Green previously forced House floor votes in 2017 and 2018, under a GOP-held House, that put fellow lawmakers on the record about impeachment.

He sees everything through a prism of racism

“I love my country. However, despite the love I have for my country, I cannot overlook a history spanning some four centuries of racism and oppression based on race, color, gender, as well as socioeconomic status. This year marks 400 years since the first documented African slaves were brought to this land,” he said in a statement. “The remedy must be more than talking points about a much-needed conversation concerning bigotry. Because I believe that 400 years of bigotry culminating in the Trump presidency is worthy of impeachment, I will call for a third vote on impeachment regardless of the findings of the Mueller investigation which is unrelated to bigotry. We cannot allow bigotry to go unchecked.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has insisted that any impeachment effort be put on hold until evidence of an impeachable offense is found.

The White House called it “pathetic.”

In one of his prior calls for impeachment, he said that the President doesn’t have to commit a crime to be impeached. If it feels right, it’s right.

At a different call for impeachment, he accused Trump of betraying “his trust as president” by embracing racism. Green referenced Adolf Hitler.

“The public has been led to believe that a president must commit a crime to be impeached, which is not true,” Green said. “If any president persisted with the lie that ‘Hitler was right,’ he would be, and should be, impeached not for a crime, but for betraying his trust as president.”

Green, an open borders Progressive is obsessed with race. When he talks of impeaching Trump, he means he’s impeaching the agenda of the right.

No President should ever have to go through this. There should not be a Mueller probe and we can thank Jeff Sessions for that.


  1. In the fake media and fake news, they are biased, without corroborating evidence, without facts, without proof or evidence; broadcasting fake news, they look like puppets, to the audience; because, they are suffering from psychological illness of lying.

    He is frustrated, suffering from psychological illness of hostility, distorting the facts, in his favor. Tossing words without proof or evidence. He is lowering himself in the media by claiming; President Trump is a racist.

    • Impeachment. A president can’t be impeached because he’s a racist. I am so sick of the democraps yelling RACIST in every single thing they say. FYI “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” what part of those two words does racist fall into. Rep Al Green you can go back under to the rock you came from. The Mueller investigations should show only Russian collusion was between Hillary and the Uranium One deal and all her donations to her non-profit that she forgot to send the donations to Haiti which she didn’t. There’s your collusion and obstruction right there.

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