Rep. Wilson Says COS John Kelly Is a Racist for Calling Her an “Empty Barrel”


Congresswoman Frederica Wilson “happened” to overhear part of a conversation between the widow of La David Johnson and President Trump. She claimed the 24-hour notice for the phone call, and even though she heard it on the car speakerphone while in the car with the widow. She took a line from that conversation out of context claiming the President said fallen Green Beret La David Johnson knew he was getting into a life-threatening situation.

The President came out quickly to say that it’s not what he said which was followed up by Chief of Staff John Kelly’s moving statement to reporters.

The congresswoman isn’t silent yet although she did say she wouldn’t have any more to add. The media blasted the President with no evidence and came up with other fallacious claims. That’s when Chief of Staff John Kelly came forward with his statement.

When he made his statement yesterday, he recalled the dedication of an FBI field office in Miami where he suggested Wilson had inappropriately sought credit for getting the funding in part for the building and did so immediately after speeches from survivors of a 1986 firefight between bureau agents and drug traffickers.

She quickly came out to call him a liar Friday and complain that he called her an “empty barrel” which she says is a racist term. That must be on the planet Dummkopf from where she hails.

COS Kelly has come to repeat his original statement that she did boast while survivors were telling their heart-wrenching stories.

She said to look up “empty barrel” in the dictionary, so we did. It comes from either the Latin or the Greek and refers to an empty pot or vessel which would be a reference to her head. In no way is this racist.

Bill O’Reilly explained why he thinks it was a set up from the get-go.

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