Reparations, Another Dangerous Idea Picking Up Speed


The Democrat Party is a far-left party that wants to fundamentally transform the great United States.

We now have a politically correct culture, leftist-controlled social media, bullies who destroy people and silencers of those who don’t follow the rulebook.

One of the latest bizarre ideas is for people who never owned a slave to pay off people who were never slaves. They call it reparations, but in reality, it’s revenge.

The House is discussing it this week.

Actor Danny Glover, Hugo Chavez’s friend, discusses the need for reparations.

The idea stems from very far-left groups, including black separatists. It makes whites the bad guys who are responsible for all the ills blacks suffer.

A majority of African Americans want reparations but few whites want them.

There is no question Blacks have suffered cruelly from the beginning of this nation but there is no way to ever make it up to those who have been wronged and certainly not by those who never wronged them.

Reparations are not justice for anyone.

If we are giving reparations, what about Native Americans? They deserve them. LGBTs are now saying they want reparations. Everyone with a grievance of any kind will want reparations from the evil white man. It’s another way of saying the USA is evil instead of concentrating on the good.

It’s simply another divisive tactic, another chance to divide us along racial lines. The only Democratic presidential candidate who isn’t pushing reparations is Bernie Sanders who wants to redistribute all the wealth.

Mitch McConnell Had a Great Answer When Asked About Reparations

As Mitch McConnell said today when asked if Trump or Congress should apologize for slavery and offer reparations, he gave a great, logical answer, “Yeah, I don’t think reparations for something that happened 150 years ago for whom none of us currently living are responsible is a good idea.”

  • I was going to mention, “what about the Indians”, and it’s been covered. Do these people realize how Many Indian tribes there were across the nation. Many of the names across the US were named After different tribes. Kansas was the Kansa Indian tribe, and probably the majority of cities were Tribal names. You can go across the nation, Nebraska, Omaha, Oklahoma, Chicago, and on and on. Where are they now. They are no longer.

    Does the likes of Danny Glover feel I, who survives on a pension and SS, and whose Mother was the first generation born in this country, should pay HIM, one of the wealthy elite, in reparations. It’s on account of people like Him that I no longer support these imbeciles in Hollywood with my dollars. Conservatives should do the same and refuse to fill their coffers.

  • The only reparations that should be discussed are the reparations to the families of the Union soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War freeing the slaves.

  • My grand parents (on both sides) arrived in this country around 1912. They didn’t own any slaves in this country or the old country. They were dirt poor peasants. The Civil War had been over for 50 years. Tell me again why I or my brothers need to pay any reparations?
    Blacks have actually had their reparations. 50 years of Great Society welfare. Look what that has done for them. If anyone needs to pay reparations, it is the white Democrat progressives who have done so much to keep blacks in their place.

    • The ACTUAL slaves WERE given reparations. They were given 40 acres and a mule. In other words, they were GIVEN a small farm upon which they could grow enough food to live and sell the excess for income. I wonder how many of them actually did that. Or, did they sell it and blow the money on booze and high livin’?
      I would give my left nut (metaphorically) for 40 acres right now. Modern blacks (not all, but a huge number) simply want something for nothing. You could give them each a million dollars and within a year they’d be broke again.

  • If reparations for Blacks are in order, something is owed those European immigrants to our Northern Plains who were told nothing of the -40 degree temperatures they would have to face, OR DIE, and somehow overcome those conditions to prosper. I’m sure they would have enjoyed the warm climes of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, instead. And, BTW, asked for nothing while they helped build this country. These pioneers were trapped by that horrific cold, as much as black slaves were trapped by a piece of paper.

  • My GOD…it’s harder and harder to justify paying taxes when you learn about what the scumbags in DC do with the money.

    • Democrats buying votes with other people’s money as usual. They want to force people who never owned slaves to pay people who never were slaves. Typical Democrat logic.

  • I believe a reparation of $10 MILLION (tax free) be paid to ANY American citizen who has been legally held as a slave in the United States. They should get 1st class airfare to the District of Corruption and be presented the check in person by the President. The former slave must be alive and accept the reparation in person.

    In addition, any person who has legally held a slave in the United States should be fine $10 MILLION per slave held.

  • I question the timing of this reparations debate, they have had this discussion many times going clear back to the end of the civil war. now that the head racist is in the white house (if you listen to the left and media) they bring it up again, I listened to some opening statements by cory booker and shelia Jackson lee and it was nothing but slavery is responsible for problems black Americans are having today, shelia Jackson lee said a couple of times we must pass this in the house and senate and put it on the presidents desk so he can sign it. I believe this is nothing but a more division tatic coming our way, remember sleepy joe biden said ” The want to put y,all back in chains”

  • We might be looking at this All wrong. This isn’t about “reparations” OR money. As the one member stated SCOTUS has already invalidated such a proposal. Rather, the purpose is to ‘cement’ the “charge of racism” to those who oppose such an idea. It’s a way to make the charge “stick”. The mere assertion that Trump is racist, along with all his supporters, is falling on deaf ears. This is an effort to deflect from those who actually harbor racists ideas, namely the left. Those who scream racist the loudest are covering their own deeds. The counter to such charges Should be, “what are YOU hiding”.

  • Rep. Cohen had a condescending reaction to Coleman Hughes calling him presumptive. He’s the Same one who went after Star Parker in another hearing. My conclusion of Cohen is, HE”S A BIGOT!!!! AND A RACIST!!!