Reparations, Another Dangerous Idea Picking Up Speed


The Democrat Party is a far-left party that wants to fundamentally transform the great United States.

We now have a politically correct culture, leftist-controlled social media, bullies who destroy people and silencers of those who don’t follow the rulebook.

One of the latest bizarre ideas is for people who never owned a slave to pay off people who were never slaves. They call it reparations, but in reality, it’s revenge.

The House is discussing it this week.

Actor Danny Glover, Hugo Chavez’s friend, discusses the need for reparations.

The idea stems from very far-left groups, including black separatists. It makes whites the bad guys who are responsible for all the ills blacks suffer.

A majority of African Americans want reparations but few whites want them.

There is no question Blacks have suffered cruelly from the beginning of this nation but there is no way to ever make it up to those who have been wronged and certainly not by those who never wronged them.

Reparations are not justice for anyone.

If we are giving reparations, what about Native Americans? They deserve them. LGBTs are now saying they want reparations. Everyone with a grievance of any kind will want reparations from the evil white man. It’s another way of saying the USA is evil instead of concentrating on the good.

It’s simply another divisive tactic, another chance to divide us along racial lines. The only Democratic presidential candidate who isn’t pushing reparations is Bernie Sanders who wants to redistribute all the wealth.

Mitch McConnell Had a Great Answer When Asked About Reparations

As Mitch McConnell said today when asked if Trump or Congress should apologize for slavery and offer reparations, he gave a great, logical answer, “Yeah, I don’t think reparations for something that happened 150 years ago for whom none of us currently living are responsible is a good idea.”

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