Report Antonio Brown called the GM a ‘cracker’ & threatened to punch him


Troubled National Football League wide receiver Antonio Brown allegedly called Oakland Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock a “cracker” and threatened to punch Mayock during a heated confrontation at a practice.

An Oakland Raiders source told ESPN that Brown used the term “cracker” as well as several “cuss words” during the confrontation. Mayock reportedly remained calm during the incident.

Shouldn’t Brown be punished by the NFL for that or do they get to pick and choose?

It looks like Brown was rewarded with a one-year gig working for another cracker, Robert Kraft

The Raiders later released Brown and he was signed Saturday by the New England Patriots, according to ESPN.

Brown will get a one-year contract that will be up to $15 million and that included a $9 million signing bonus, according to ESPN.

Brown denied every aspect of the confrontation, but, in the end, the Raiders sent him a letter that said he was not entitled to termination pay, ESPN reported. If he had stayed with the Raiders, Brown would have been playing on a week-to-week contract with no termination pay and no guaranteed money.

He came to New England like a conquering Roman hero:

Brown seems a little off.

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