Report Defense Secretary makes a decision about Chief Eddie Gallagher


On Sunday, fired Navy Secretary Richard Spencer wrote a letter of his termination claiming he disagreed with the president on what constitutes the “key principle of good order and discipline,” adding that he could not “in good conscience” obey Trump’s order with regard to Gallagher.

That was dishonest. In truth, Spencer tried to work a side deal with the President that would set up a review of Chief Eddie Gallagher’s Trident Pin with a pre-determined decision in Gallagher’s favor. In other words, it would be a political sham. He didn’t bother to tell the Defense Secretary.

Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin reports that he was fired for “dishonesty” and “undermining the military justice system.”  He was dismissed for “lack of candor.”

It also went “counter to Spencer’s private statements.”

She is also reporting that the Defense Secretary Mark Esper no longer feels Eddie Gallagher can get a fair hearing in the military because of the mess this has created. He will let him retire with his Trident Pin.

Privately a Navy source told Jennifer Griffin he doesn’t see how the case moves forward against the other three men on Gallagher’s team who are up for review.

This makes sense to me.



Columnist David Ignatius wrote an op-ed ripping into the President and claiming Mark Esper caved when he fired Richard Spencer. According to Ignatius, Esper told Spencer, “The President wants you to go.”

Ignatius calls Spencer’s wheeling and dealing a “compromise,” and rejects the reason put out about why Spencer was fired.

Under the opinion section, using an anonymous source for his harsh criticism, he said the Pentagon is angry about the special treatment of Chief Eddie Gallagher. Ignatius says Trump “recklessly crosses another line” by firing Spencer.

Ignatius’ column was filled with ad hominem attacks, calling the President “irascible” and “vindictive,” and claiming he now includes the military in his “belligerent, government-by-tweet interference.”

The way we see it, if the President didn’t tweet, the MSM would run rampant with no resistance.

It is a case of a violation of the rule of law, says Ignatius, as if no other President has pardoned or given a special reprieve to any soldier before. The President wanted to block the panel from taking Chief Gallagher’s Trident Pin because he saw it as vindictive.

On the other hand, it is important to keep order in the military so you decide who is right. But, one thing is certain, Deep State is mad.

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4 years ago

What about “Commander in Chief” do the Admirals not understand?