Report Dems Don’t Have Votes to Stop National Emergency Declaration


Update at the end


The House is set to vote on Tuesday to block President Trump from using a national emergency to build a border wall, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced. Some Republicans will vote with the Democrats to block the declaration, Senator Lindsey Graham predicted.

A “handful” of Senate Republicans will vote against it but “there will be enough [left] to sustain a veto,” Graham told Fox News when asked how many Republicans would vote with Democrats in the Senate.

Therefore, even if the House and Senate pass it, the President will veto it and there won’t be enough Senate votes to override his veto.

Graham said that he would “absolutely not” vote for the Democrat-led resolution, adding that he is “100 percent with the president.”

Graham accused Democrats of “hypocrisy” on border security. He argued they were opposing the president’s plan because “they just hate Trump.”

“I hope Republicans will not reward this, quite frankly,” Graham added on Friday.

The President traded the declaration for a disaster of a border bill. He had little choice since he has inadequate support from Republicans who actually prayed in the Senate that he’d sign it. The alternative was to let the government shut down which would have had a grave effect on the economy. However, he could have signed a temporary spending bill — a CR — but every time he does that the Democrats offer something worse next time around.


The horrible spending-border bill the President signed could be a serious problem with or without the declaration. We won’t know until it goes to court. He signed the legislation for a promise from Mitch McConnell that he would support his declaration.

The bill allows small-town officials, some of whom are tied to cartels, to block the building of a border wall in their district.

El Paso is one of the first to sue the President for trying to expand the wall.

Another problem is anyone can be a sponsor or a POTENTIAL SPONSOR of a child [and many aren’t minors — they lie about their age and we don’t require proof of age]. Sponsors and whoever they are accompanying — minors and their entire families — cannot be considered for detention and detention proceedings cannot be initiated at any time.

There is a lot more wrong with it.

At the same time, the Department of Defense is giving the Department of Homeland Security a hard time over the funds the President is trying to secure.


Meanwhile, back at the border…

Border Patrol reported that they picked up armed human smugglers at the Yuma Sector. They were smuggling Chinese nationals [Communists]. The Chinese are not necessarily our friends.

One day prior, the Yuma Sector Special Operations Detachment agents recovered another loaded firearm from three subjects who were apprehended while they were smuggling six Mexican nationals into the United States near San Luis.

They also reported they arrested a member of the Mara Salvatrucha, MS-13 at Eagle Pass, Texas. He had already been deported.

“Violent criminals continue to illegally cross the border and attempt to enter the United States,” said Del Rio Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak. “Our agents remain vigilant to prevent these types of criminals from entering and harming our communities.”

There is now a backlog of 830,000 in immigration courts.

But there’s no crisis? I guess there’s no crisis for the open borders, criminal-loving Democrats and some Republicans.


President Trump told the press today he would veto the bill if it makes it to his desk — 100%.


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