Report GOP DACA Amnesty Gives Amnesty to Foreign Parents


In order to push off a discharge petition by NeverTrump Republicans, Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans are negotiating an amnesty plan that would give amnesty to 800,000+ DACA and would allow them to bring their parents into the country through chain migration.

This report comes via sources speaking with Breitbart but Laura Ingraham has heard a similar report.

Ryan’s trying to fast track it to a floor vote but he is only doing it to ward off several immigration bills that are far worse and which would pass with enough votes to make them veto-proof.

This is all without a border wall or any security measures, including no additional border guards. It takes away all of the President’s leverage.

The 800,000 would quickly become 1.5 million if we count parents. That is enough to turn 4 to 5 Red states blue.

The plurality of voters in swing states say immigration is making life worse, and 4 in 9 blacks feel it’s making life worse.

This will kill any chances Trump has of securing the border. The people being brought in illegally are also far-left. It’s what the Progressives want — a permanent electoral majority. It’s all so insane.

It’s time to shut down the government.

Push for Mass Amnesty in Congress, DACA Turns Us All Into California

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