Report Hillary Clinton Needs to Be Worried About Informant’s Testimony Tuesday


William Campbell, the FBI informant who will testify on Tuesday, will be able to show that the Uranium One scandal went far beyond the sale of the U.S. mine and its assets. The Russian conspiracy is part of a larger plot.

If it were not for Sen. Chuck Grassley and Campbell’s attorney Victoria Toensing, this information would have remained secret. The gag order would have put Mr. Campbell is jail had he revealed the information he collected.

There are documents, video recordings and more to show the Obama administration and the FBI were very well aware of the depth of the Russian conspiracy to control the uranium market, even in the United States. The former president wanted a reset with Russia at all costs.

Circa news reporter Sarah Carter was asked if Hillary Clinton should be worried about what we learn Tuesday and her one word answer was, “Yes.”


  1. William Campbell is in grave danger of being shot in a botched “mugging.” Think about how many people this has happened to who went up against the Clintons!

  2. I hope William Campbell has bombshell evidence of corruption and bribery, what I don’t like is that I have heard his testimony is a closed door setting, the public is shut out, the Congress Critters always come out of these hearings not being able to say anything,

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