Report of Speaker Ryan’s Mass Amnesty Will Forever Change the USA


UPDATE: 5:00 p.m. EST THE PRESIDENT WILL ‘CERTAINLY WOULDN’T SIGN’ PAUL RYAN’S AMNESTY BILL, but the White House tried to walk it back. Additionally, House members are considering forcibly removing Paul Ryan from the Speakership.

Breitbart News reports that they have a leaked draft of the Ryan amnesty bill and says it is “potentially the biggest amnesty in U.S. history.” If the report is true, it will forever change the electoral majority in the country.

Ryan claims the White House is on board. The President cannot be on board with the plan Breitbart outlined. It’s not possible since it’s as bad as Graham’s which he roundly rejected.

Breitbart News includes a screenshot of the DACA amnesty which gives amnesty to the entire DACA population. That could cover those still coming over and pretending they are DACA which would be more than 3.6 million. There is little required in the way of proof. Any mass amnesty becomes a rubber stamped amnesty if history is proof.

This would be an extraordinary betrayal and would destroy the Republicans in November. We find it hard to believe this is accurate. It wouldn’t hurt to start calling your congressmen, however.

The bill also gives amnesty to their parents, multiplying that number. This will quickly become 10 million and it won’t account for the millions of others who can’t defraud us with fake DACA kids. The costs will be astronomical and will hit Social Security very hard.

A second amnesty is included in the leaked draft, one that would allow the children of temporary foreign guest workers and “anyone who has a ‘contingent nonimmigrant status’” to apply for the amnesty.

A caveat, of course, is that we aren’t seeing the entire draft which might alter this and it is still a draft. However, this does include at least 3.6 million people according to the Soros-funded Migration Policy Institute. That is without including the new “DACA” slipping across the border as I write this.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, there may actually be as many as 3.6-million illegals who were brought to the United States when they were minors.  Some Democrats are demanding legal status not only for the DACA beneficiaries but for all 3.6-million immigrants who came to the USA with their parents.

Daily Caller secured a memo in January written by Soros’s Center for American Progress which emphasized the importance of passing DACA legislation.  As the memo phrased it, it’s a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

DREAMer legislation will turn 4, possibly 5 red states Democrat Progressive without any other amnesty.

This is how DACA destroys any chance of Republicans winning another presidential election:

According to USCIS —  with the 800,000 original number —  there are significant populations in blue states:
379,000 Dreamers in California (a deep blue state)
30,000 in Washington
72,000 in Illinois
71,000 in New York
38,000 in New Jersey
30,000 in Colorado

And according to USCIS there are also significant numbers of Dreamer illegals in several red states:
211,000 in Texas
47,000 in Arizona
72,000 in Florida
41,000 in Georgia
47,000 in North Carolina

In 2016 President Trump won these red states by the following amounts:
Texas – 807,179
Arizona – 91,234
Florida – 112,911
Georgia – 211,141
North Carolina – 173,315

The Democrats will have fulfilled the Soros dream of a Progressive electoral majority. That is the goal of the Democrats led by George Soros. Their plan is to also advance a permanent Progressive majority in every level of government – to take over all levels of government.

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