Report Ohio Government Has Been Infiltrated by Hamas


World Hijab Day at Ohio State

Some, like Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, believe Hamas (a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood) has infiltrated the Ohio government via what some believe to be a front group known as CAIR or the Council on American Islamic Relations.

In the past few months, CAIR (Hamas?) has held the first annual Muslim Day at that Capitol; it became the first state to recognize Islamic Day; held Meet a Muslim Day; participated in a worldwide Hijab Day; and took part in National Muslim Advocacy Day. CAIR also trained and lobbied Ohio lawmakers including Senator Sherrod Brown.

It’s causing some concerns although the events are billed as developing understanding and communication.

Some are asking why Ohio Democrats invites an Anti-USA, Pro-Sharia, proven Terror Front Group CAIR (Hamas) to host the Muslim Capitol Day in Ohio?

When other immigrants came to this country, they didn’t have funding, education, and recognition of their culture. Muslims are the first to get these extensive considerations. It’s not because Muslims have experienced extraordinary bias. Jews are far more often the victims of religious attacks. Most bias crimes are aimed at race, especially blacks, not Muslims.

The problem isn’t Muslims in America either, it’s Muslims who are tied to terrorists and Muslims who want political Islam to supplant the U.S. Constitution – the two cannot co-exist.

Ohio’s capital city has also launched a defense fund for illegal immigrants facing deportation. Reportedly, it will mean thousands of taxpayer dollars going to the local chapter of a terrorist front group that promotes itself as a Muslim civil rights organization. The recipients will be the Columbus Families Together Fund and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The federal case that tied CAIR to the terrorist ‘charity’, The Holy Land Foundation:

Listen to Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America explain the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist ties to Islamists in the United States.

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