Report Sessions Did Not Recuse in Uranium One, Investigation Ongoing


Sarah Carter of Circa News reported that she knows as fact that Jeff Sessions has not recused himself in the Uranium One scandal despite reports that he has and that the case is being investigated.

At his confirmation hearing, Attorney General Sessions appeared to recuse himself from anything that had the word ‘Russia’ in it. The Democrats must believe he hasn’t recused because they’re accusing him of being a Russian operative again.

Carter also assured the panel on ‘Hannity’ last night that there is an ongoing investigation of Uranium One and, in her opinion, a Special Counsel will be appointed.

That’s big news.

A report form the free beacon recently stated that sources deny Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the Uranium One corruption scandal despite the fact that during the confirmation hearings he appeared to say three times he was recusing himself in all matters tied to Clinton and Russia.

DOJ officials told the Free Beacon that Sessions has not recused himself from deciding how the Justice Department should respond to recent reports raising questions about the Obama administration’s approval of a 2010 purchase of Uranium One, which controlled 20 percent of U.S. Uranium, by Russian energy company Rosatam.

Trump has been very frustrated by the probe into Russian meddling in the election and Moscow’s alleged ties to the Trump campaign while at the same time, the potential scandals around Uranium One and the dossier are ignored.

Sessions’ recusal in the Trump-Russia case left Trump subject to an endless and limitless probe.

Sessions’ defenders point to his decision last week to lift a gag order on an FBI informant with detailed knowledge of a Russian bribery scheme linked to the Uranium One deal as evidence that is has not recused himself from the issue. The Obama-era DOJ had imposed the non-disclosure agreement and reportedly threatened the informant with litigation if he broke it.

That could be a good sign and positive proof that he is investigating.

We now have several sources reporting that Sessions is investigating.

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6 years ago

Circa reports that Sessions has Not recused himself but that doesn’t mean he is pursuing the case. As Ed Klein reported, newly appointed Prosecutors in the AG office has lobbied the AG to pursue the case but Sessions considers it a Political case and thus will not engage the case.

This attitude comes from many Republicans. I have heard many a Republican say they will not do this or that because of the belief, “they are better than that”. It is why they don’t “sell” their ideas with anecdotal examples, it is why they do not fight back strongly, and it is why they “despise” Trump. They firmly believe they are “better’ than all of this. This is the epitome of elitism. I suspect Sessions also has fallen prey to this “ideology” and why Democrats never see the light of Justice. Democrats do not care what it may look like and thus the scale of Justice is titled in only one direction. It is why the Trump Administration is on the hot seat and Republicans let it happen, with mouths closed.

6 years ago

What an awful “investigator” Sessions would be given that he has already demonstrated unwillingness to do anything like this, but willing to set up fake counter investigations. A special counsel is needed to sidestep him due to his inability to act ethically. Hopefully, it will be extremely embarrassing for him.