Report Sessions Hasn’t Recused Himself in Uranium One Scandal, But…


A report form the free beacon states that sources deny Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the Uranium One corruption scandal. It is interesting because during the confirmation hearings he said three times he was recusing himself in all matters tied to Clinton and Russia.

DOJ officials told the Free Beacon that Sessions has not recused himself from deciding how the Justice Department should respond to recent reports raising questions about the Obama administration’s approval of a 2010 purchase of Uranium One, which controlled 20 percent of U.S. Uranium, by Russian energy company Rosatam.

Sessions can recommend an internal DoJ investigation. That’s an investigation where the DoJ investigates itself.

Trump has been very frustrated by the probe into Russian meddling in the election and Moscow’s alleged ties to the Trump campaign while at the same time, the potential scandals around Uranium One and the dossier are ignored.

Sessions’ recusal left Trump subject to an endless and limitless probe.

Sessions’ defenders point to his decision last week to lift a gag order on an FBI informant with detailed knowledge of a Russian bribery scheme linked to the Uranium One deal as evidence that is has not recused himself from the issue. The Obama-era DOJ had imposed the non-disclosure agreement and reportedly threatened the informant with litigation if he broke it.

That could be a good sign and positive proof that he is investigating.

However, listen to this next clip. The Fox legal expert Greg Jarret said that the DoJ appears to be looking at it every aspect of that corrupt Uranium One deal. But, and it’s a big ‘but’, the subjects of the potential corruption are also presiding over the Trump-Russia probe.

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