Report Smollett Paid Brothers $4000 for Maga Attack He Planned


It appears that Empire star Jussie Smollett paid the two Nigerian brothers to stage an assault against him which he later claimed was a racist attack by Trump supporters. Smollett also alleged that he received hate mail the week before from a Trump supporter. Police are now investigating that as well.

The two men involved in the alleged hoax are now fully cooperating with law enforcement, CNN is reporting on Saturday. Police told reporter Rafer Weigel that they confronted the brothers with the rope they bought the night of the attack and from which they fashioned a noose.

The police threatened to charge them with battery and a hate crime.

CBS News reports that the brothers were paid $3,500 prior to leaving for Nigeria and were promised an additional $500 upon their return. They probably didn’t get a chance to collect the $500. Ropes and plain red hats were purchased at the direction of Smollett.

Store where the brothers bought their red hats.

On January 29, two men allegedly yelled out racial and homophobic slurs while attacking Smollett, the actor told police. They poured bleach on him, beat him, and tied a noose around his neck while screaming, “This is Maga country,” [in the middle of liberal land], according to Smollett.

The police are eager to speak with him again. Allegedly, he will speak with them Monday.


Smollett hates Trump and his supporters. His Twitter page has often been an anti-Trump rage. His hate probably got the best of him. At least he didn’t hurt another person, but he did keep the police from investigating real crimes.

This past weekend alone, eight people were wounded and three were killed. The detectives should have been working on the murders or other serious crimes.

We are looking forward to all the apologies we will get from the celebrities and politicians who used this fake attack to trash Trump and Trump supporters. Maxine, Cory, Kamala, Rashida, they will all be embarrassed and eager to say how sorry they are, won’t they?



UH OH! ‘Attackers’ Free, No Charges, Smollett Hires Top Defense Attorney

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3 years ago

I think we have our “Man of the Year” nominee, at least a noble peace prize nominee.

3 years ago

You got to love our new found sense of right and wrong, it gives everybody a chance at fame.

Danny Chron
3 years ago

Never go full retard. Libs and Dims went full retard looooooong ago, so much so that they’re blinded by their own stupidity. They’ll get exactly what they asked for because of that, only it won’t be what they’re expecting.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

They keep trying to demolish Trump and anyone who supports him, They want supreme power to control everyone. Power Politics.

3 years ago

Does this not make the brothers co-conspirators?