Report Taxpayers Paid Off Victim of Abusive Drunken Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona


Marxist Rep. Grijalva

Democrat Mecha separatist, Communist and open borders congressman Rep. Raul M. Grijalva (D-AZ) used a taxpayer hush fund to cover up his abusiveness and drunkenness on the job to the tune of $48,000 tax dollars according to a new report. This was done in violation of the rules regarding severance packages, according to the Washington times.

The hard-left rep called the payoff a “severance package” in 2015.

One of his top staffers threatened to file a lawsuit against the Congressman for creating a hostile work environment due to his frequently being drunk on the job and abusive. The staffer might also have been a friend or relative.

The corrupted Office of Compliance paid out the money, betraying Americans in so doing.

Grijalva, is a militant Marxist, like Luis Gutierrez, in the Latino takeover movement, and has pushed for erasing U.S. borders and sovereignty.

Grijalva was represented and the deal negotiated by the House Employment Counsel, the free lawyer that House members receive. The drunken congressman makes $174,000 a year, gets full benefits, and keeps it all for life.

On behalf of “El Boracho” Grijalva, $48,395, five months’ pay, was awarded to a female aide who was on the job for only three months.

Melanie Sloan, an ethics lawyer in Washington who was also the target of sexual harassment by Rep John Conyers and paid $27,000 in hush money, said, “It seems like all of these House bodies are designed to help cover for members of Congress. A large part of the problem is that each member of Congress can treat their staff as their own fiefdom and also know that it will remain silent.”

Before becoming a congressman, Grijalva started off as a community organizer as many radical leftists do.

As a college student at the University of Arizona, Grijalva was a member of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA), the radical racist group which seeks the “return” of much of the United States to Latinos based upon race, claiming an Aztlan sovereignty. It’s also known as La Reconquista.

He served as a leader in the Chicano Liberation Committee and other local racist Chicano groups including the “United Race Party,” (Raza Unida Party).

In his history of the radical Raza Unida Party, key wiki reports, Mexican-American scholar Armando Navarro wrote that Grijalva became a party leader in Arizona. As Grijalva explained to Navarro, he and his fellow activists weren’t discouraged that the party’s limited base gave it slight chance of winning political power. “We decided to go into elective politics more in the sense of an educational tool rather than an opportunity for winning,’’ he said.

He fell out of favor with some of Tuscon’s Mexican community due to his extreme militancy. This is ironic since they are extreme.

He has written articles for the Communist Party USA paper, Peoples’ World.

He is a member of the Hispanic and Progressive Caucuses, the LBGT Equality Caucus, the Congressional National Landscape Conservation System and the Asian-Pacific American Caucus.

Those are all vehicles for communism.

Grijalva is a fine fit for the American party of communism, the Democrat Party, as they seek full control of the electorate with a permanent voting majority, aided by uneducated foreigners who can be manipulated with welfare and other benefits.

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6 years ago

Paul Ryan says/does nothing.

Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

The list of congress members that have been subsidized regarding their illegal assaults on staff and others is quite long (over 200 instances). I would bet (and likely win) that at least 80% of the transgressors are liberals. Liberalism is a mental disorder!