Report UN & Soros Help Fund Migrants to Europe with Debit Cards


The Slovenian website Nova24, translated by the Voice of Europe, claims UNHCR and the EU, in cooperation with MasterCard and Soros, generously hand out prepaid debit cards to the migrants. The migrants can be anyone.

There are no identity documents required to obtain or used the cards.

Instead of the name of the cardholder, “UNHCR” and a number is printed on the card. The cards are equipped with both EU and UNHCR logos.

The source of the information is Croatian police according to the article.

The migrants are equipped with high-quality boots, hiking clothes, smartphones, and even weapons. This would explain how that’s possible.

During the stopover in the Eastern European countries, they withdraw cash from ATMs. They use them to stock up on supplies, according to the article.

Mastercard said in 2016 that it gives the migrants flexibility, dignity, and mobility.

Soros is investing another $500 million in migrants next year.


Judicial Watch has evidence from FOIA lawsuits showing that George Soros funds liberal/leftist groups in Guatemala, Albania, Macedonia, and elsewhere. The funding is through liberal/leftist media outlets. Soros’s organization, through these groups, supports global politicians and advocates for open borders. Included is the fomenting of public discord and influencing of academic institutions, JW reports.

Soros often works with the U.N.H.R.C. and it always supports open borders.

In a May 12, 2016, memo, titled “Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review”, Soros argues that the refugee crisis should be accepted as the “new normal.” It is clear that Soros and his money are influencing global immigration policy.

A section of the review titled “Our Work” describes how Center for American Progress has worked with “leaders in the field” to “shape migration policymaking and influence regional and global processes affecting the way migration is governed and enforced.”

Soros supports organizations like the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and advocacy networks such as the International Detention Coalition (IDC) who want full-bore amnesty and open borders.

Soros donates to a lot of good causes but many evil ones as well.

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Albert Moore
Albert Moore
5 years ago

The communists constantly devise new means of aggression.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres is a communist, recruited into the KGB decades ago, and formerly in charge of UN Refugee commission. George Soros née György Schwartz d.o.b. 12 August 1930 is a NAZI turned communist. Communist doctrine, typical of revolutionary movements, is that civilization must be destroyed to pave the way for the communist utopian civilization. Comintern strategy is to create refugees and force their mass migration to destroy global civilizations. Obama is also a communist and close collaborator with the communist Putin, who in true communist reverse-talk to the UN General Assembly pretends to mourn and deplore violence and the mass migration caused by it.

5 years ago

Try Soros then lock him up or execute him.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago
Reply to  Eric

Vote “Red” next week and Soros will well be on the way to the scrap heap along with a lot of anti-Republic individuals and groups, seditionists and outright traitors.