Reportedly Smollett’s Story Is Collapsing! MAGA Story Was Staged! Updated


Reporter Rob Elgas, a local Chicago reporter who has been following the Smollett case since the beginning, said the “persons of interest” were picked up at O’Hare last night and there will be information released by police very soon.

In the meantime, Ben Bradley, NBC News, reports that the men are African-American and at least one is connected to the ‘Empire’ show. That makes the information from 35th Ward that it was likely staged seem very plausible.

Smollett’s story is reportedly falling apart and he probably just gave a fake interview to ABC News.

John Ziegler of Mediaite says: Smollett got into a fight with a man he was dating & cheated on, and a friend of that lover. He then concocted the MAGA/Hate-crime cover story & fingered them on GMA, unaware the police knew who they are.

If true, he needs to be arrested and fined. Smollett should pay for the twelve detectives and FBI agent who worked on his case instead of on real crimes.



Rob Elgas reported this evening that Smollett was going to be written out of the series and that was the reason for the staged attack, but Fox came out in support of Smollett and denied the report.

Elgas also said Smollett didn’t show for an interview with police, but police said he did show for the interview.

Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson told ABC News that the investigation is ongoing and Smollett is still considered a victim.

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Larry Folds
Larry Folds
4 years ago

This is a hate crime. Jussie must go to jail for filing a false report – Mueller calls it perjury and he’s literally destroyed dozens of live over it. Smollett must be forced o pay for his hate crime. A white guy would have been demonized, destroyed, and imprisoned by now.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

These people are evil and are hellbent on bringing down Trump and his followers, what will the Democrat candidates say now.

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

They will say NOTHING…if this indeed breaks the “wrong way”…But fear not, there WILL be many more of these “freak shows” staged by their simple minded adherents…