Reporter Claims Summer Zervos Was Bribed by Gloria Allred to Accuse Donald Trump


Investigative reporter and sometimes controversial Charles C. Johnson has a source who claims that Summer Zervos, Trump’s first accuser, was bribed with $500,000 by Democrat fundraiser and lawyer Gloria Allred to make accusations against Donald Trump. Zervos has been somewhat discredited by her own cousin who said he didn’t believe her and she was a failure on The Apprentice some years back. Johnson further says that that the deal was shopped around to other ex-Apprentice contestants, according to multiple anonymous sources.

GotNews’ sources told him that Zervos’ sexual harassment accusation against Trump is a “completely fabricated hoax.”

Zervos was a big league Trump supporter who converted her whole family to the Trump Train until she met Gloria Allred, as has been reported.

GotNews’ anonymous source told him that Zervos’ family is aware of the transaction and angry about it, but does not want to be caught up in the news cycle.

Gloria Allred is a Democrat “dirty tricks” operative who marches out fake victims,often though not solely, in the month before the election whenever a Republican runs for high office. She “uncovered” female victims of Herman Cain who disappeared once he withdrew from the presidential race. She invented a story that Mitt Romney lied under oath for a friend to hurt his friend’s ex-wife. She grandstanded for a while and it went nowhere but her only goal appears to be to destroy the Republican candidate. When Meg Whitman ran for governor in California, she became Allred’s victim. Allred marched out a former employee who was fired for using forged documents to secure employment as Whitman’s maid.

No Republican is safe from this woman. All she has to do is make the accusation and she knows it. Gloria Allred is a left-wing feminist lawyer with an agenda not held back by ethical considerations it seems.

Allred was revealed to be a Democrat fundraiser in e-mails leaked by WikiLeaks.

Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom is in the same disreputable business, as was exclusively reported by Mr. Johnson.

Johnson received a statement from Gloria Allred denying the accusation:

Your “tip” is completely false. I have never paid anyone to come forward. Feel free to tell your tipster, who is probably a Trump supporter that I said so.

You can read the Got News story on this link. We can’t verify it but what we can verify is that Allred is the October Surprise rolled out during every significant election, of that there is no doubt.

We never believed the Herman Cain stories or the nonsensical attacks against Romney, but unfortunately, it hurt these men and their campaigns. The attack on Meg Whitman was absurd. The maid was paid something like $23 an hour and treated like family but Mrs. Whitman couldn’t keep her once it was revealed that she was in the country illegally using fraudulent documents. All Allred had to do was make the accusations, however.

With Trump, she has been less successful. My guess is that people just aren’t going to fall for it any longer.


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