Reporter Presses Schumer on his Border Security Flip Flops


Fearless CBS reporter Marcia Kramer caught up with one of the biggest hypocrites in the United States Senate, Chuck Schumer, and asked some tough questions regarding his changing positions on Border Security.  

What makes her interview even more compelling is how the station plugged in video clips of Chucky previously spouting rhetoric that would probably be fully endorsed by President Trump today.  

Ms. Kramer highlighted Schumer’s unequivocal statements slamming those who preferred substituting the term “undocumented workers” for illegal aliens.  “Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple.  Until the American people are convinced we can stop future flows of illegal immigration, we will make no progress in dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants who are here now…..”. Wonder when the last time someone heard Chuck, or any other Democrat uses that now forbidden term so easily.  Have they used it at all?

Even more interesting, given today’s standoff,  you can watch Schumer having stressed the need for hundreds of miles of fencing/barriers claiming, forcefully concluding with “We must do as much as we can to gain control of our borders as soon as possible…..”.   And that was ten years ago!

Hats off to Marcia Kramer and CBS 2 in New York.  The 3-minute clip is well worth watching.

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Anthony Stark
4 years ago

Great work NY… You really know how to pick ’em!!!

Up first is Upchuck Schumer, whose ludicrous explanation of why a fence works but a wall… which is OBVIOUSLY stronger than a fence, DOESN’T…. is a NEW LOW in dishonest sliminess even for this venomous, fork-tongued snake.

Next up is RINO Pete King, who is so concerned about “reaching across the aisle” to make a deal with his fellow corporatists in the Democrat Party, that he is DROOLING over ending this meaningless “shutdown” of PART of the Big Government he loves so much.

It’s pretty obvious that he wants to be the next “John McCain” so badly that he’s willing to do ANYTHING, including selling conservatives out (as usual!) to do so. Look for him to be FRONT AND CENTER shilling for the type of BAD “deal” that Upchuck and Botox Nancy are wetting their seats over getting.

When’s the next flight to Texas, so I can get on it and go FAR away from these LYING, TWO-FACED RATS?

nathan kang
nathan kang
4 years ago

haha dems ridiculous position against border security is crumbling before chuck schumer’s very eyes. i bet he had a screaming tantrum after this interview and screamed at CBS for going off script. difference between a fence and wall? none… Trump’s concrete wall? he already compromised to a see-through slat fence…

Bernie Czeck
Bernie Czeck
4 years ago

A “professional politician” at his best…….time to get the “tar and feathers”…….enough bullshit from the Washington elitists ! It is time to throw the scalawags out !!!!!!

Dave Diesel
Dave Diesel
4 years ago

IF an illegal is in the country And known to be the country And is allowed to stay in the country
and IF and When the Illegal Rapes, robs, and Kills someone,
ALL those who Aided And abbeted the illegal are as guilty for the crimes as the Illegal.
Exactly Why does No one get it or care about it or do anything about it ?
The population has NO RESPECT for it self.
The government has Zero Respect for your life or the lives of your family, And YOU do nothing, Shame
Are the lives of your children worth nothing ? Thankfully NONE of you are my parents.
And what exactly would you feel IF you were the child of the parents now ?
Thanks for nothing.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dave Diesel

Thank you, Ms. Kramer for making Chuckie squirm. Mr. Diesel, you’re right. Have we lost all respect for ourselves? The illegals are getting carte’ blanche treatment, while our military, our seniors, etc., suffer the consequences. Illegals from all over are coming in droves, all while nothing is being done to stop this unprecedented invasion. Check out the U.N. Global Migration Pact:

4 years ago

where does schumer come up with CONCRETE WALL?
is that just fake – a straw man he made up to be stupid?