Reporter Takes Photo Record of Migrants Leaving Filth & Disease


There are well over 6,000 Central American migrants camped out in Tijuana, Mexico, but with overcrowding and torrential rains heading in, city officials were forced to herd them onto buses to take them to another shelter about 15 miles further away from the border.

Some refused to leave because they want to stay close to the border, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

Reports say the migrants were conned by leaders, but the con, according to many, was that they could come into the country illegally with ease.

About 2,267 migrants are being treated for health issues, ranging from respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox and other serious issues. Over 100 were reported to have lice and other skin infections.


As they were moved out, clothes and trash were left behind. Much that was left behind was given to them for free. This is exactly what they have been doing along the route to the border as we reported.

They don’t appear grateful and they leave their filth behind for their benefactors to clean up. The migrants and drug cartels leave our border filled with filth also.

Fox reporter Kyle Rothenberg took video.


There are reports that some of the ill are being flown for treatment in the U.S. — Ft. Benning, Georgia — to be treated. The CDC landed N71PG at Joe Foss Field San Diego to pick up sick illegals. The flights are cloaked in secrecy.

Hundreds of men also pushed the women and children ahead of them and then threw rocks at a handful of border agents when they tried to cross illegally.

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