Reporter Taylor Lorenz’s Film of the Virginia Car Crash, Being Punched by a Lunatic


Taylor Lorenz

A female reporter was punched while in a crowd of Antifa and Black Lives Matter as she filmed the aftermath of the car attack in Charlottesville.

Taylor Lorenz, a political reporter for the liberal publication The Hill, was assaulted while filming live.

Jacob L. Smith

Jacob Smith, 21 years, of Louisa, Virginia, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. There is an outstanding warrant against him.

Ms. Lorenz tweeted during the event and the assault.

The car accident can be seen at 1:05:30, warning, it’s very graphic. The reporter is punched in the face with about 25 seconds to go. This is via the Daily Mail.

While at the police station, Lorenz obtained information about the man driving the car that struck the crowd. What she was told does not go along with the media narrative of it being a domestic terrorist attack.

“Anyway several police officers at the station here think the guy running people down wasn’t malicious. They said the driver was scared,” she tweeted, after she pointed out that witnesses said it was deliberate.

The two police who thought it was an accident weren’t at the scene nor had they seen any videos, Ms. Lorenz said. Every witness said it was deliberate.

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