Reporter went undercover to a leftist rally & found chumps


Ilhan Omar praised corrupt California for moving ahead with a bill to ban private prisons. The new legislation would come into effect after the 2020 presidential election “on or after January 1, 2020” and would prohibit California’s government from “entering into or renewing a contract with a private, for-profit prison to incarcerate state inmates.”

Where will they put these people? They don’t care as long as it’s not in prison. The attack on private prisons is an attack on ICE detention.

People actually buy into this and follow people like Omar. Take the ralliers who think half the nation are Nazis as an example.


A reporter for The Federalist went to the ‘GOP Is Racist‘ rally in Baltimore and recounted in word and video what took place.

They want ICE out of Baltimore and are calling the President the ‘rat,’ after he referred to Baltimore as rat infested.

An entire section at the protest was dedicated to abolishing ICE. A woman with a CASA [communist, open borders] t-shirt wants to abolish ICE because this isn’t America’s land.

“For the ones we owe anything are the Native Americans who we stand in their land, not our own,” she said.

You will find that many of these radicals believe Mexicans and others from south of the border own the land. Many are Reconquista.

They were also in solidarity with communist dictator Nicolas Maduro who destroyed his own country.

One woman even wore a shirt that said, “Nicolas… the people support you.”

They claim the GOP is complicit in white supremacy.

The radicals also love abortion. The unborn babies are just a “clump of cells,” they insisted. Their remarkable lack of intelligence and regard for human life is astonishing.


The protesters said we have concentration camps on the border.

They all seem to think it was proven that President Trump colluded with Russia.

There is much more at the Federalist, check it out if you are interested. The one thing that seems apparent to me is this goes beyond ignorance and indoctrination. They’re just stupid ideologues.


None of this is surprising. I went undercover to a number of Occupy Wall Street rallies, MoveOn meetings, and communist forums. They are all communists or close to it, driven by misinformation and have a notable absence of curiosity. They just mindlessly follow their professors or whoever is leading them, chanting whatever they’re told to chant. It’s frightening to see how easy it is to manipulate the minds of some people. It’s Jonestown with a different kind of Kool-Aid.

While accusing innocent Republicans of being Nazis, they themselves are budding Nazis.

The Occupy rallies in 2011 were funded in part by Soros groups and other corporations. Many protesters were paid and they said they had plenty of money. Professors from universities like CUNY were teaching them in groups on how to pose for photos and make it look like the cops were the villains. Many were excitedly asking when they could jump the gates and go after the police.

They also had their bizarre heroes, — a cop killer – Mumis, traitor Bradley Manning, and so on.

There were a lot of smelly — literally smelly — old commies.

The woman at the end of the next video, who wouldn’t let me tape her training sessions on how to riot, is a communist professor at CUNY.



  1. Ann Coulter’s book ‘Demonic’/How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America–“Rich liberals want chaos for everyone except themselves, confident that they can afford a ‘green’ lifestyle and their children will still attend Sidwell Friends. The rest of us are forced to live in a lawless, universe of no energy, gay marriage, girl soldiers, and marauding criminals because liberal can’t enjoy their wealth unless other people are living in complete havoc. They promise anarchy, believing the middle class should live in squalor, while liberals will be protected by their wealth from the mob.

  2. “..more money than we know what to do with” said one well dressed ‘suit’ overheard on the mic. Yep, the rich Leftist capitalists turning it over for the cause. This is not the 60s anymore..these groups of radicals are well trained, super organized and mobile. Dangerous as in a cult. Do not let your kids eyes and ears anywhere near what they are peddling.

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