Reporters Hire Mean Leftist Michelle Wolf to Trash Sarah Sanders at WHCD


Last night’s White House Correspondents Dinner was a disgrace but it did have the decided advantage of showing the world who most in the U.S. media truly are. They hired a host/comedian who was vicious, biased, and hateful.

The media died last night. This is how they treat an honored guest sitting on the dais whose views they disagree with. Reporters are the biggest bunch of arrogant snobs around.

So-called comedian Michelle Wolf spewed strings of expletives and boring jokes, some didn’t make sense and others were simply to hurt Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway and others in the White House.

Wolf didn’t destroy Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the White House Correspondents Dinner as some have said, instead, she exposed so much hate even some of the condescending elite were ‘uncomfortable’ as NBC News reported.

If you ever wondered what the left thinks of conservative women, this is your answer. The media hired this vile woman who seems to love the ‘F’ word beyond all others.

Her attacks on Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the Dinner were a perfect representation of what these media is and it’s not good.

So-called comedian Michelle Wolf roasted Mrs. Sanders but she wasn’t funny. Wolf bullied her and she was forced to just sit, a captive guest, and take the abuse. She did so with grace.

Wolf just wanted to insult Mrs. Sanders and call her a liar in a shrill, grating voice. She also made idiotic remarks about Trump being “so broke”. Trump’s a billionaire. She made no sense.

Sadly, she will host her own half-hour Netflix show after this performance. It’s for all the haters out there.


Not everyone thought it was acceptable. Even CBS radio said she “bombed”.

Actor/comedian Terrence K. Williams destroyed Wolf for her pathetic performance, although she did a lot of that to herself. The mean girl threw around racist terms like ‘Uncle Tom’.

Former White House press secretary under President Bush, Ari Fleischer described Wolf’s disgusting routine aptly: “This is foul. It’s uncalled for. It’s nasty. And not funny. The WH staff should stop attending this dinner.”

Governor Huckabee wrote: “The WHCD was supposed to celebrate the 1st Amendment. Instead, they celebrated bullying, vulgarity, and hate. They got all dressed up so they would look nicer when they had a hired gun savagely attack their guests. Do they really wonder why America has no respect for them? Sad!”


Many from the so-called party of ‘love not hate’ are out throwing their support for her acrimonious invective masquerading as humor. The Krassensteins, Christopher Zullo, USA Today, WaPo, and others pointed to bad behavior by some on the right and found her absolutely hilarious.

The New York Times Trump-hating columnist Maggie Haberman even came out in a tweet to criticize the vile comments: “That sat and absorbed intense criticism of her physical appearance, her job performance, and so forth, instead of walking out, on national television, was impressive.”

Wolf’s response to Haberman was absolutely infuriating and she needs to do some serious self-reflection. Certainly, she deserves to go the way of Kathy Griffin and her severed head.

The nasty creature wrote, “Hey mags! All these jokes were about her despicable behavior. Sounds like you have some thoughts about her looks though?” That is followed by a stupid icon.


Yesterday, in response to Ivanka’s appointment, Mrs. Sanders said: “the only war on women I see is the one that’s being waged against every woman and every female that is close to this President.”

So, the media waged war yet again last night on more conservative women. Have you had your fill of the media yet?

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