Reports That Clinton Foundation CEO Sought Asylum in Russia in Fear For His Life


Eric Braverman

There are reports that the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman is in danger and has fled the country, possibly seeking asylum in Russia. We cannot verify these reports.

Braverman is the man who exposed the most serious Clinton scandal – the Clinton Foundation.

The internal Clinton Foundation power struggle between Chelsea Clinton and Doug Band was exposed in Wikileaks emails.  It began in 2011 when, Chelsea started to take a more prominent role at the Clinton Foundation.

She became increasingly concerned about an internal audit that exposed glaring conflicts of interest throughout the Foundation with an emphasis on Doug Band and his company, Teneo, who she thought had inappropriately sought favors from the State Department during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State.

A Politico article from March 2015, summarized Chelsea’s rise at the Foundation and how it threatened some long-time Clinton allies who had grown quite accustomed to the status quo, zero hedge reported.

Veteran Clinton aides had powerful and lucrative positions which they acquired after years with the Clintons. The CEO Bruce Lindsey and President Doug Band felt marginalized by Chelsea Clinton who Band described as an uncaring spoiled brat.

Ira Magaziner is another old-time Clinton colleague who continually shows up in the Wikileaks emails and he too found his role diminished during Braverman’s tenure. 

WikiLeaks emails have revealed additional details behind the the man, Eric Braverman, who was brought in as CEO by Chelsea to change the controversial practices of the Foundation but abruptly resigned a short time later after being pushed out by long-time Clinton loyalists who had apparently grown very comfortable with the status quo.

In an email exchange, Neera Tanden the president of CAP,  warned John Podesta to “keep tabs on Doug Band who she thought was the insider who told NBC to “follow the money and the find the real HRC scandal”.

John Podesta quickly wrote back to identify the real source as former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman which shocks Tanden who replies, “Holy Moses.”

This was in Email 25357:


During his tenure, he uncovered issues that worried him. In Email 25770, Eric is a “bit at wits”.


POLITICO article stated that he tried to change the Clinton Foundation and then quit:

Already, a spate of recent news stories in Politico and elsewhere have highlighted questions about the foundation’s aggressive fundraising both before and during Braverman’s tenure, including the news that the foundation had been accepting contributions from foreign governments with lax oversight from the State Department when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. The foundation has been Clinton’s main public platform since she left State in February 2013.

The hiring a few months later of Braverman, who had been a partner in McKinsey’s Washington office, was seen as validation of Chelsea Clinton’s view that the foundation needed to address recommendations from a 2011 audit for tighter governance and budgeting, as well as more comprehensive policies to vet donors and avoid conflicts of interest.

When Braverman arrived to replace Lindsey as CEO, he moved quickly to adopt the auditor’s recommendations, and then some.

No public explanation was offered for Braverman’s resignation.

That takes us to today and reports that Eric Braverman asked for asylum in Russia on October 23rd. He allegedly walked into the Russian embassy and asked for immediate asylum.

A lot of people around the Clintons do die.

The English translation of a Russian article about it can be found on this link.

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The Sentinel does not know if Braverman fled and sought asylum, however, the emails are accurate. Zerohedge posted the story first we believe. but has not reported about the asylum seeking.



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