Republican Candidates Were Told to ‘Take Trump Out’



Big monied donors are allegedly telling their candidates, especially Marco Rubio, to take Trump out during the debates Thursday night. This is according to an article in Politico.

The high-powered donors, who fund both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, are comprised of Wall Street and business interests who believe Trump will be volatile and “unmanageable.”

He is “unmanageable” by Wall Street and business interests, he’s made that clear. He finances his own campaign and has stood up to everyone and refused to apologize.

Aside from the fact that they support Clinton and Bush interchangeably, they might have ulterior motives – they won’t ever be able to control Trump. Just a thought.

Rubio, in particular, was told to take Trump out to regain momentum, but that’s not the answer for Rubio. He damaged his momentum with the gang of eight immigration bill.

Another Politico story announced that Fox has a secret plan if Trump goes out of control.

“We have a plan, but we’re not going to share it with you,” Kelly told Politico.

Baier also assured Politico that Trump will be treated exactly the same as any other candidate.

“Everybody is going to know all the rules going in; there is going to be a sound at the end of their time — it won’t be a pleasant sound,” Baier said.

“Are we thinking about different scenarios? Sure,” he said. “Our job is to make sure everybody plays by the rules.”

Fox hosts will probably be the ones to “control” Trump because candidates attacking Trump doesn’t work. Rick Perry is a perfect example. When Trump was done with him, Perry was stupid and incompetent on managing the border. I’m not saying I agree, I’m just saying that’s what happened.

Republicans and Democrats think that Donald Trump and his followers are crazy people who need to be controlled.

Another Politico article out today has Jeb Bush calling Trump a whole host of names as if Jeb is one to talk.

“Seriously, what’s this guy’s problem?” he asked one party donor he ran into recently, according to accounts provided by several sources close to Bush—and he went on to describe the publicity-seeking real estate developer now surging in public polls far ahead of Bush and all the 15 others in the Republican field as “a buffoon,” “clown” and “asshole.”

Maybe Bush is trying to clean up his image.

The New York Daily News has an article out claiming that Bill Clinton spoke with Trump in the weeks before the campaign kick off to tell him to get more involved in Republican politics. They posted a 2008 photo with Trump, Clinton, Giuliani, and Bloomberg to make it seem as if they are good friends but they had to go back to 2008 for the photo.

Why would anyone listen to anything that comes from the Clintons, though Hillary is denying Bill urged him to run for office.


It’s not only the Daily News, it’s a number of talking heads and media outlets spreading this “leak” from the Clinton campaign. The Gawker, WaPo, Talking Points Memo, liberal outlets all are insinuating Trump is a shill.

Trump isn’t dangerous because he’s a clown, he’s dangerous because he might have something to say that people want to hear and he’s not manageable as they believe.

As “unthinkable” as it is, Trump could win this thing and that’s why Republicans need to take him out tonight but they are probably underestimating how intelligent he is – to their detriment. A far better approach would be for them to toughen up, say some daring things the American people want to hear and forget to run it by their consultants.



  1. I predict if the establishment forces Trump out of the GOP.. by Thanksgiving the GOP ‘s gonna have a lot of office holders, but not not much of a base to get them re-elected.. Currently they can only claim about 24% of all registered voters..down from 34% in 2010..

    I’d expect that 24% number to get cut in half. and a ton of indies would join forces with Trump. The Grand Old Party would become the Old Party…

    • The problem with that “34% or whatever is, I live in a Democrat town…and can’t find any Democrats anymore. I find lots of ‘pubs and Independents and conservatives and even Libertarians…even some socialists…but rarely ever anyone admitting to being a Dem. So if the ‘pubs percentage is that low then, outside of a half-dozen urban hives, what does that say about the Dems?

      Maybe, please Lord, BOTH parties are in their death throws…

    • I’m as anti-Democrat as they come, but if Trump were running as a Democrat I would vote for him. I, for one, don’t like the way he was treated tonight at the Debate. Megyn Kelly went right at him, just batting the beehive, Chris Wallace’s facial expressions when he was taking on Trump made me want to punch him right in the face. It all felt like a total set up to attempt to plow Trump down, but he came out smelling like a rose as usual. Lol. His numbers will go sky high now! Fox News disrespected his followers, who are MANY, as all we have wanted is for Trump to be treated fairly and with respect. They were enjoying taking swings at him. The whole thing just pissed me and a lot of other people off. He ended up winning so I’m glad for that.

      • The SMIRK on Megyn Kelly’s face was what turned me off with her unprofessionalism and disgraceful personal attack at Trump with that “fat” question that had absolutely NO relevance at all to the issues that needed to be asked! You should’ve seen the hundreds of comments posted on the Fox News facebook page dedicated to that debate last night. After the 3 dipwad panelists mentioned we could post a question on their FB page, I went to it, and after that first posing question (that was perpetrated solely at Donald Trump, not at all the candidates) I made a comment that said that was highly unfair and they KNEW about what Trump had said in previous articles on the Internet and on interviews but he emphatically stated he did NOT want to go that way, that he wanted to stay Republican to get the nomination. So they perpetrated that first question at Trump and he knew it! You could see the way he responded to it! He saw it coming! I got 170 “likes” on that first comment I made! Then more people chimed in with more of the same comments….the entire comments under that debate heading was FILLED with viewers disappointments with Fox News for the way they displayed themselves. Most of everyone stated they won’t watch Fox News anymore and I sided with them, too. I posted a BOYCOTT of Fox News on my Facebook page, and kept replying to all those comments on the Fox News facebook to do the same also, and many people are going along with it. From the way they unprofessionally handled that debate showed me they were nowhere close to being “fair and balanced”, in fact, they were worse than the liberal medias that we are all disgruntled over since Obama took control of our USA! Now we have no one on the TV whom are our voices because of Fox News perpetrating a personal attack on Trump, along with the advice of the RNC (most likely, I bet it was Reince Preibus!) and now I will no longer watch Fox at ANY time at all nor will I be supporting the RNC EVER again. Donald deserved to be treated with respect as the rest of them, but Fox News decided otherwise. They had a vendetta on Trump, and someone made a comment on the Fox News facebook that it was perpetrated by the CEO of Fox News who had the vendetta and obviously he ordered his monkey-panelists to go after Trump! I hope their ratings go below the liberal’s medias so badly they have to be pulled off the airwaves!!!!

      • I, for one, am happy to finally have a candidate running that has some idea what he’s doing. Listening to Obama speak is like watching a Sesame Street commercial, with how repetitive, simple, and mindless it is every time. Every other candidate, is politically correct, and playing nice with every country, as they chop off the country’s arms and legs. I support Donald Trump, and as an intelligent man, respect him for all he has built and accomplished.

    • You are correct Grumpy. There are already talks going on all over Facebook inside closed groups who are all for Trump. Thousands and thousands of members who have been totally fed up with the Republican Party’s performance, one lie after the other, they promise us one thing so we vote for them, they do an about face and do nothing or the complete opposite of what they said they’d do.
      We want border control, immigration laws enforced, e-verify put to use, factories and jobs brought back to the U.S., NAFTA repealed, the Iran Deal veto’d, Hillary charged and jailed for her crimes, Obama charged and jailed for his crimes of treason, not being a legitimate president, etc. Planned Parenthood de-funded and abortion made illegal again, etc. We are liking the name The People’s Party or We the People Party.

    • We need to band together and vote them all out. Show them how sick we are of their politics and lies.

      Trump 2016!

  2. I still think trump is the best and last night I did see thequestions that they asked thy were trying to get him very upset it did not work as far as megan Kelly I saw what she did on purpose and I sure was upset with her …..I see she does not like trump but her held his own and I hope he wins they do not want the truth ///

  3. I hope Donald Trump blows away both republicans and Democrats in the elections. Then after he wins, starts his own political party!!

  4. Trump is as near 99.9999% pure gold as you can get. The New World Order brain dead jerks are 100% plus most evil and would in a second murder Trump.

    • The thing is, they can try to murder Trump. But he’s completely outside their sphere. He doesn’t believe in convention. He does things his own way. That’s what we need. Someone that sees standards, and rips through them with what works. This country is mongolic with standards. Common core is making our children obedient, rather than intelligent. It’s an abysmal failure. University study as well, has become too filtered, in too many cases.

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