Republican Immigration Principles Grant Amnesty


Speaker John Boehner

The Republicans outlined the “Principles’ for immigration reform Thursday. The plan will allow people here illegally to immediately qualify for ‘probationary status’ but citizenship will rely on the government reaching certain security benchmarks, including strengthened border security and interior enforcement.

The immediate ‘legalization’ component could be a disaster. That means in essence that it will be extremely difficult to have an illegal immigrant in the United States ever again.  Immediate legalization is a form of amnesty no matter how they paint it.

There will be no special pathway to citizenship. People here illegally will go to the back of the line though children brought here through no fault of their own will not be ‘punished.’

People here illegally must register with the federal government and must be willing to admit their culpability. They will be required to pass a ‘rigorous’ criminal background check, pay ‘significant’ fines and back taxes. They must learn English, civics and prove they are self-supporting without government assistance.

The border security first demanded by the House Republicans is a no go with Democrats in the senate and this entire proposal can be expected to go nowhere.

Nancy Pelosi said she is looking forward to seeing the proposal and expects it is a good faith effort. However, she said any bill that does not ultimately include a path to citizenship is unlikely to garner much support from Democrats. “We need to have that path.” [People here illegally were polled by thePew Hispanic Research Center and said by a margin of 70% that they would register as Democrats]

“This problem’s been around for at least the last 15 years. It’s been turned into a political football, I think it’s unfair. So I think it’s time to deal with it,” House Speaker John Boehner, said Thursday before huddling with his members. “But how we deal with it is critically important.”

Paul Ryan rejected the Senate proposal because of its ‘special pathway to citizenship’ and said that it is unfair to people around the world who have been waiting years to legally enter the United States.

“If you want to get in line to get a green card like any other immigrant, you can do that,” Ryan said. “You just have to get at the back of the line so that we preference that legal immigrant who did things right in the first place.”

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