Republican-Led House Bill Declares Climate Change a National Security Threat


The good news is Republicans won the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. The bad news is Republicans are still Republicans. They refuse to take advantage of this golden opportunity to change the direction of the nation. A case in point is a defense policy bill approved on Friday declaring climate change a national security threat. 

It also demands rigorous oversight of the Pentagon’s cyber operations and rejects the Trump administration’s bid to close military bases.

The Republican-led House passed the $696 billion defense bill 344-81. But it might not go through since they first have to roll back the 2011 sequestration law and we all know they can’t get anything accomplished.

Also, Democrats will resist because they want to feed more wasted funds into other government agencies as a condition for the military spending.

The bill will likely end up as another spending bill which means no increases, no changes in the military. Therefore, the Pentagon won’t have the money they need to repair ships, planes and so on.

Climate change rears it’s ugly head

The bill includes a section that says global warming is “a direct threat to the national security.”

To make matters worse, it requires the Pentagon to deliver a report to Congress detailing the impact of climate change on the armed forces. The climate change report also is to list the 10 military bases most vulnerable to rising oceans, increased flooding, wildfires and other effects of climate change.

We’re already spending a fortune on absurd climate change rules in the military. They have to buy extremely expensive fuel, for example, as part of the mandates.

Big-mouths in Congress want to know all cyber operations two days before the event

Also, the bill requires the Defense Department to inform Congress within 48 hours of “any sensitive military cyber operation.”

That’s a great idea. We all know how well Congress keeps secrets. Who would trust some of them to keep it from their friends in the media or even their buddies in foreign lands?

The White House is very concerned about the potential risk of exposure and they should be.

Politicians won’t let the Pentagon close excess installations

The Pentagon will also be deprived of the authority to close excess military installations. These congressmen have their pet bases that fund their districts. It’s all about them.

Mattis wanted the closures to acquire four nuclear submarines or dozens of jet fighters. Instead, we will feed the corrupt politicians. They won’t take anyone’s pork away.

The Pentagon can’t identify dangerous Islamic religious doctrines

It gets worse! Republicans – 27 of them – joined Democrats in preventing an amendment to allow the Pentagon from identifying “Islamic religious doctrines, concepts, or schools of thought” used by the Islamic State and other terrorist groups for recruitment, financing or propaganda purposes.

The assessments, according to Rep. Franks’ amendment, also would pinpoint “key thought leaders” who hold extremist views and those that don’t.

Muslim-communist radical Keith Ellison (D-Minn) didn’t like it. So that was it. The amendment was rejected.

This report came from the AP via the Washington Post.

Barack Obama is still running the show. Republicans are doing his bidding instead of the bidding of the duly-elected President.

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