Republican MA Gov Signs Gun Seizure Bill with No Due Process


So-called Republican Governor Charlie Baker signed a red flag bill on Tuesday. It allows temporary gun confiscation without any due process in Massachusetts.

Bill H4670 An Act Relative to Firearms that lets any family or household member — roommates, relatives, significant others — to remove firearms, firearm ID cards and ammunition from any individual they decide is a danger to himself or others.

There is no due process. The person has to sue to win due process and the person needs a lot of money to do it. Americans should never allow their due process rights to be impigned. There will be a serious price to pay one day. This is a precedent.


“Massachusetts’ gun laws are a model for the nation, and creating an additional pathway to keep guns away from people unfit to possess them will make our laws even stronger,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “This law creates a responsible way to help prevent gun deaths and suicides while protecting individuals’ second amendment rights.”

The confiscation is for up to one year but the order can be renewed. The gun owner can try to appeal but it won’t be cheap.

Once the ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Order) petition is signed, a judge decides if the person can keep his/her gun(s).

The bill preserves the right of local police departments to continue to revoke or suspend firearm licenses if they consider them unsuitable.

They had better remove all the knives, bomb-making materials, hammers, and keys to cars at the same time, like the Brits have to do.

The bill includes a licensing procedure for stun guns. In April, the Massachusetts’ top court ruled that banning the weapon was unconstitutional.

This is the 12th state to pass gun confiscation laws. We are losing our 2nd Amendment.

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